What Is Coaching?

A powerful approach to personal development! But what exactly are we talking about, what exactly does "coaching" mean?

What is coaching?
It is a profession which gives support using a personalized program for one person and/or a group, in a process of creating an improvement in the professional and/or personal life of the coachee. This enables those being coached to enhance and deepen their knowledge and performance.

This is the primary meaning of the word "coach" (a large horse-drawn carriage) which, around 1830 at the University of Oxford, brought about a figurative meaning of "instructor/trainer," and designated a tutor or a mentor accompanying students for an exam.

The word coaching came from North America. It is interesting to specify that the coach and the coachee are at the same level. Philosophy being one of the roots of coaching, reminds us that it is a re-education of reason, which is guided by sharing. To give oneself the capacity to address the problems oneself, to find the solutions oneself, so as to advance in one's vision of life.

Charcateristics of Coaching:
A term that has become very fashionable these days, the fact remains that the coach is a profession in his or her own right, who can reveal the gifts that are hidden within you. There are various kinds of coaching such as:

Business Coaching.
Sports coaching.
Life coaching.
Relationship coaching
Beauty coaching.
Slimming coaching.
Makeover coaching.
Coaching accompanying cognitive-behavioral psychotherapy, NLP, etc.

The list is not exhaustive. Coaching can be coupled with many other subjects, so much so, that sometimes we can lose sight of the original meaning. Speakers, for example, use the term.

For Womensdestiny, we are now going to focus on psychic and mediumship coaching. First, let's differentiate between a psychic and a medium:

• Psychic: a person who predicts the future regardless of his or her method.

• Medium: Psychic who uses words and contact with the deceased to see into the future.

• Most of the time, both methods are present in psychics. Where does coaching sit in all of this? Its role is to help you become aware of a possible blockage in a present situation, preventing the correct progress of the prediction from happening. Generally, it comes in several sessions for a deep work and revealing solutions. The psychic/medium gradually leads you to open your mind to your past, which transpires in your present in the form of repetitive patterns such as: an ongoing, long-lasting and undesired status of being single, the inability to keep a romantic relationship, always coming across the same type of person, difficulties in making friends, lack of growth in the professional field, recurring financial problems, feeling obliged to do things to please others, lack of self-confidence, fear of comittment… etc. There are plenty of examples.

Coaching can be done just for a short time for a specific reason. If the result is effective and satisfactory for the client within a short period of time, the latter will stop the coaching.

Another type of clientele may feel the need to go further in their quest for happiness and liberation. We should remind you that this type of coaching does not in any way replace a psychological approach. The main goal is to reveal yourself to yourself to find your free will in every situation of your life. This is the vision we offer you. Womensdestiny provides you with the tools you need to experience your present and better understand your future.

The advice from Womensdestiny:
The psychic and/or mediumistic coach works with you precisely on a well-defined problem. Dialogue, sharing and active listening coupled with psychic support, will lead you, if you are ready, to take charge of your life.