Do You Feel You Need Therapy In Your Relationship?

Your relationship is like a silent film by Charlie Chaplin and silence has taken a dominant place. Only the picture elements remain and worry has set in...

Welcome to the real world, where sometimes we realize that all the hopes that we had based our relationship on,  which initially seemed so obvious to us, so natural, have encountered certain problems and now, we might require the intervention of a professional!
Our duo turns into a duel? Or our relationship is like a Charlie Chaplin silent film where silence has taken a dominant place. There are only the picture elements left and worry has set in ...

We are going to share two opinions with you, from women regarding this issue, who questioned the deeper meaning of their relationship and their decision to act for the common well-being of their relationships.

Testimony of Leah, 37 years old:
"I have been in a relationship for 8 years and I have recently evolved a lot in my professional life, particularly due to professional retraining which has entirely fulfilled me. Thanks to this professional questioning, I regained my self-confidence and thus avoided an underlying "burnout". This questioning associated with the Coronavirus crisis situation also led me to question my relationship. I don't want to get to the point of a breakup, but I realize that we need help, because I no longer feel aligned with my partner on the values that we previously shared. I realize that we have worked a lot in a leader/follower mode and I no longer want to take responsibility for our life choices. My companion does not understand this. He is fed up but he is ready to follow me and I thank him for that. I recently heard about the "co-dependent relationships" and will therefore seek help from a therapist to help us get through this moment, which I hope will only be a milestone ... "

Testimony of Fiona, 52 years old:
"Yes I feel like we need therapy! I have reduced my professional activity and I realize that time is passing quickly, particularly because unfortunately some of our friends have already passed over, struck by the disease of the century which sometimes mows you down in a few months. I have this feeling that I owe it to myself to take advantage of the time I have left on this earth and to pay homage to them somehow, by not suffering in my own life. My husband is more of a quiet force who lets things come and go naturally. And I'm a pretty spiritual person.
We don't share the same beliefs about death and I have the feeling that he is being carried away in a river of denial because he refuses to discuss this subject and that creates real unease. I need us to communicate about this because whatever we say, we will be dealing with it one day or another and I would like to best prepare ourselves, together."

A little note from Womensdestiny:
It doesn't matter what the concern is in your relationship, if there is one or even several, there will be a way forward to get thing sorted. We say thank you to Leah and Fiona for sharing their personal stories and we encourage all these couples who do their best, not to increase the divorce rate!
So let's talk little and talk well, and go to a professional when the need arises. Multiple therapies exist today to allow everyone to find their solution.