A Love Coach For My Relationship? Why Not?

Men and women are confused. Paradoxically, at a time when social networks are everywhere, couples seem to have more and more difficulty finding solutions

Life has become so stressful today, that the coaching profession has grown wildly, in fact, there is something for everything, sport, fashion, beauty, cooking, health etc. As a result, it is not surprising to see flourish "the love coach" which, as its name suggests, deals with everything related to the vast subject of love & the couple which is directly linked to it. .

 We have our own definition of the love coach:
He gives the right keys to have a successful life as a couple, with the right balance & he learns how to give to others. He works on his client's blockages by suggesting solutions adapted to his specifications.
Some would say that a psychologist might just as well do the trick, but no! The word "shrink" can be, for some, a kind of repellent, because it implies a health problem such as illness & having household worries is not just any ailment.

The danger, because there is one ...
Naturally, this job opens the door for a host of individuals seemingly capable of advising and who appear to be like a psychologist with lots of diplomas.
One only has to type into the search engines to realize that a very important fauna presents itself as an expert in this sector.
However, it is better not to make a mistake, first, for the results that one expects from it, then, in view of the price which is relatively high.
However, some companies have proven themselves in this area providing real help to those who need it.

Our tips for finding the right one

• First, choose a person who is well established, literally and figuratively speaking, examples:

1. No meeting in a room serving as a living room, we need a pro who consults in a real office

2. Choose someone who has a well-organized site on the net, it is the showcase & image of the professional, it allows you to already get an idea.

• Run away from someone whose blog is in broken English, or even full of spelling mistakes. How to help others when you are not able to express yourself normally.

• Give priority to the person who, before the first meeting, will ask to send an email to explain the situation & say what the expectations are. We can assume that they will immediately focus on working on the case submitted to her

We remind you that the coach is not a miracle worker (it should be known!) But just an advisor. It is up to his client to put into practice what has been reflected, discussed & recommended.

We are neither for nor against, we think that for once, we could be mature & decide to solve our problems ourselves by simply talking ...

But that's only our opinion!