“Micro-Cheating” In Relationships?

The art of cheating on your partner just by thinking?

Another trend that adds to and complements our new dictionary of flirting, behaviour and romantic relationships.

Our current society, adept at using social networks for dating (via applications and websites), exposes us to an abundance of attitudes and related terms, leaving room for unusual/inappropriate behaviour that is questionable (but this is not what we are discussing here).
Love on, or via, the internet creates many terms that can flourish in abundance. Obviously, how do you get away with all these new codes of seduction, positions and all the definitions that are given to them?
(If only there was an article to deal with this subject!) Don't panic, you just need to consult the new decoder and dictionary of the new flirting techniques that the team has concocted for you, to find your way!
So back to what interests us today.

Micro "cheating" is small acts which are almost cheating!

A small selection for you because definitions and interpretations abound:

"A series of small actions that indicate that a person is emotionally or physically focused on someone outside of their relationship."

• “A form of infidelity that does not involve sex, but rather emotional intimacy. 

•  How about the art of subtly cheating, using only thoughts?

Who does it?
Many of us on this planet are attracted or have felt attracted, even if only for a microsecond or even a few days or more, by another person, when we are already in a relationship; without falling for going all the way to cheat and/or the compulsive tendency to want to please someone else at all costs. 
However, is it micro cheating or simply a little game of temporary seduction that can enliven us and pull us out of a situation of loneliness and/or the boredom felt within our relationship?
Who has not found pleasure in giving their most charming smile during a chance encounter, and who has not appreciated being unexpectedly charmed in the street by someone who is charming themselves? Quite honestly, I say that it is always fun, even when you are in a relationship! 

A new phenomenon?
The real revolution ultimately lies in the new and innovative way to practice this.
Well, even if the primary channel used is the web, the fact remains that this phenomenon has always existed: Flirting without actually doing the final act.
However, the subtlety in micro-cheating ultimately seems to be the concealment of an emotional relationship, regardless of whether it is a real or virtual one, even though a sexual act has not been committed. All the nuance is in the fact of having a hidden emotional relationship and one based on secrecy.

Micro cheating, a problem or not?
The problem seems to be that the social networks and applications encourage the number of exchanges and the type of exchanges (photos, videos, comments, etc.). A form of emotional virtual love that can therefore lead to acts of blatant deception much more easily.

In short, a new source of reflection on the multifaceted principles about what fidelity is.