Am I with A Narcissistic Pervert?

Everything about the manipulative profile of the narcissistic pervert

How to better recognize it?
Seducer, liar, manipulator, the personality of the narcissistic pervert is multiple and complex. In this article, we will not draw up a composite or exhaustive portrait, but instead map out the essentials of narcissistic personality disorders.
Very often the victim of a demeaning image of himself, the narcissistic person values ​​himself by demeaning others, despite the appearance of being superior; the narcissistic pervert needs to be admired in order to exist. Seen as a money freak, the narcissistic pervert will take control and largely secure his victim's income in order to gain more control.

A real star of manipulation
In narcissistic perversion, the manipulator knows how to seduce his prey like a true Don Juan, to feed on and revel in this, while seeking to destroy it. To capture his victim, the narcissistic pervert generally puts on his mask of seduction, where his unusual personality remains his preferred tool of manipulation. Generally skilled with speech, he knows how to position himself as a victim in order to complain, and will fall into unhealthy self-pity. And the real question for you will be how to understand if are you in a toxic relationship? The narcissistic pervert does not support criticism and will in no way know how to question himself. We could almost imagine that humility is at its opposite, with the result that he does not support criticism, but criticizes constantly.

In an emotional relationship, the narcissistic pervert can be jealous and unfaithful, able to put forwards a justification for their reasons for having acted like they did, with such authenticity that with the perverse manipulation, they could almost prove themselves right.

When love is not enough
Now that we know the basics of how the narcissistic pervert works, the next question to look at is surely how to get out of this destructive relationship? As our love coach explains: a romantic relationship should not hurt, love should not hurt. Even if you are in great pain, he will not feel hot or cold when he sees his victim in total distress. Devoid of empathy, the narcissistic pervert will experience a certain pleasure in seeing his victim suffer,

Who can fall prey to the perversion of the narcissist?
Anyone in a situation of emotional co-dependence.
Anyone with low self-esteem.
Anyone unaware of the existence of the narcissistic perversity disorder.

95% of emotional codependents.

The most vulnerable will be people who have previously suffered failures from those close to them: abandonment, mistreatment, abuse, etc ... Anyone suffering from emotional insecurity, having grown up in a dysfunctional family where the unstable and anxiety-provoking, even abusive environment, will leave a door open to vulnerability. 

As Robin NORWOOD explains in his book "Women Who Love Too Much" to get to know each other better and be happy in love, the path of healing is possible.The author of the bestseller "Conquer Codependency" American psychologist Melody BEATTIE, can help you master this little-known phenomenon to free you from it and to start to take control.

Good to know: Sharing your experiences, getting out of your isolation and talking about the suffering you feel can be lifesaving. Different support groups under the associative principle are available to you. It is always useful, even valuable, to be able to share our experiences. Often anonymous, these groups are accessible to everyone.