Secrecy And Lies: What Is The Impact On My Relationship?

To say it ... or not to say it? Is it a lie?

Have you lied to your partner and you don't know if this was a good or a bad thing? We will explain the different consequences that a lie can have on your relationship, but also how to react if your partner lies to you.

Are you ready to learn more about the consequences of a secret or a lie on a relationship?
In a relationship, lying is usually difficult to accept. Naturally, when a loved one prefers to lie to us, we can feel betrayed. And for good reason, this person has decided to hide something from you. And whether this is something serious or not, you can easily feel hurt.
Note also, that trust can be negatively affected: you trust your partner, but the latter has simply decided to lie to you, whether they think it’s for a valid reason or not. You feel like you can no longer trust them.
Psychologically, it can be really exhausting. This is because you don't know if the person concerned lied to you about other things too, just as one example.

How to react when your partner is lying?
If you find out that your partner has lied to you, you need to regain your self-confidence, which often is not easy in reality. This is something you need to work on together that you will need to do, and this is not any kind of easy thing to achieve. Here are some steps to follow:

• It is important to identify what type of lie your partner has told you: if it is infidelity, it is much more serious and could much more difficult to overcome. Still, if your partner lied to you about something trivial, maybe you'd better question yourself, for example.

• -You still need to take a step back. If the lie itself doesn't have serious consequences, it's okay to move on, just letting your partner know that you didn't like what they did. However, if the lie spawns something more serious, really try to take a step back and understand how your partner got to this point.

• You will also need to communicate. Shutting down in silence doesn't seem like the best solution you have quite yet. You must therefore communicate with them and understand the different reasons that led them to lie.

As you can see, it is perfectly possible to resolve this type of situation if both parties are serious about saving the relationship. It may be that sometimes the lie is the cause of the relationship breakup, if the trust cannot be rebuilt ...