Will Your Relationship Last?

And what if you were successful with your love story?

You have doubts about your relationship and wonder whether it will last or not. It's not always easy to predict the length of a love story, and yet, here we are at the heart of a romantic relationship. You who are reading these lines, are you worried about the longevity of your relationship?

Here, now, right at this moment. Are you wondering if your relationship will last?
It's like an equation full of probabilities. The answer could be: "I don't know". Obviously, that's not what you want to hear, and yet …
Loving is an art, and like any art, regardless of its complexity, it takes practice to get better. There is not really a universal secret to how long a relationship will last, explains Melyne, a specialist in love and relationships. But love alone is not enough, you have to know how to love. I would even say that there are two of you. The success of a romantic relationship does not only depend on the person you love, above all, and before everything else, it comes from you!

So, will your relationship last? It will be up to you to decide.
There are a few small basics to consider. The most important is love with a capital L, which is experienced in the present tense. One day after another! Love is never perfect, you cannot expect something perfect from the first moment, so it is desirable to optimize communication between the two people in a relationship from the first moments onwards.

Will your relationship stand the test of time and everyday life?
We will now approach the chapter of communication in a relationship: We are talking here about caring communication in the relationship of a couple, composed of respect and tolerance. A habit that can bring longevity to the relationship.
During these small debriefings, you can address the first question of “will our relationship last?” together. It is interesting to know each other person’s opinion, and especially to express your doubts and uncertainties. Subsequently, certain compromises can be made, in order to possibly reassure the other person.
The knowledge of each person's past also needs to be taken into consideration. A person who has suffered a painful breakup will inevitably have doubts at the beginning of a relationship.
I would like to remind you here, that we are powerless in the face of the passage of time. And especially, since you cannot make the other person in your own image. It could translate into tremendous suffering, if you seek what you are not able to give yourself, from the other person. Put the odds in your favor by being happier yourself.

Happiness is contagious when you let go.
Break a habit when it becomes a mandatory compulsion. Feel what you are happiest doing within yourself. Use your free will. You know, that "little voice" that we hear and that guides us.
Your confidence will blossom. The more you love your own qualities, your sensitivity, your values, your healthy limits, the more you will be radiant, luminous and the more serene your relationship will be. If all of this seems difficult to you, you can always consult me.
Melyne has shared some suggestions with you and, in the case of doubt, invites you to continue on this link: My Love Relationship

May your path be covered with beautiful flowers to pick on your path!
I wish you both happiness.
Take care of yourselves.