What Is Self-Confidence ?

Have confidence and believe in yourself… Easier said than done!

Let's start with a bit of etymology, the Latin prefix "con" means "with" or "together".
Should we really trust and confide in ourselves? This idea is often associated with self-esteem.
The definition according to the little Larousse of psychology (2008) "it is an attitude more or less favorable to oneself, the way in which one considers oneself, the respect one has for oneself, the appreciation of one's own worth in one area or another”.
Self-confidence is therefore the assurance of one's ability to think and learn, to make decisions and to make choices, to act, to react and to adapt to the changes that are available to oneself. It is also knowing that we deserve to be happy.
Are we all equal with this feeling and can we all act and build ourselves in life with a belief that is fair to everyone? It seems very likely not….
Well, so roughly speaking, if we summarize: Attitude and Action = Motivation

The twists and turns of life
We arrive in this world without any filters at the beginning…and then, depending on our education and our living conditions, our potential can develop or be seriously hampered by the torments of life.

How can we speak of motivation without evoking the famous theory of the psychologist Maslow, which defines it according to the needs of the individuals. He structures a hierarchy of our necessities as follows: physiological and/or primary, our needs for security, belonging, self-esteem and self-realization. 
How have these so-called elementary and secondary needs, favorable to the very construction of the individual, been met? Can we be sure of ourselves if we have sorely missed out on these?
Who does not remember an innocuous little phrase that takes on a deadly meaning in our minds when repeated and which insidiously becomes a false belief, leading us into a vicious circle of self-sabotage, instead of directing us down the path of virtuous circle of "loving yourself"?
"You are stupid or you do it on purpose, you do not understand anything, think a little bit! "

Or the other way around ... No memory of the rewarding words we would have dreamed of hearing when we brought back very good grades to our parents so that they would be proud of us, and that there, the void presented itself to us…. This void that never fills. Emptiness is made to be filled. A form of existential nothingness.
Even if our physiological and safety needs have been met at this level; we may be stuck in achieving our following natural demands:


-Self esteem


Our little tip from Womendestiny:
Don't panic, self-confidence can be built up, and there are a thousand and one wonderful ways to restore it. Let's just imagine that from today, we are a little seed that believed it was a weed, and that it will turn into a pretty flower in a very beautiful and lush garden with a thousand colors. We are the author. There are solutions that we are free to choose because gaining self-confidence is acting for yourself!