Rescue Remedy To Deal With Daily Stress

Rescue Remedy: the original blend of 5 Bach Flowers to help you let go on a daily basis

Is stress really an illness?
Well no, it's a state of natural alert that reacts to a feeling of distress. You have undoubtedly noticed some of these symptoms when you were in a stressful situation: acceleration of the heartbeat, you feel suffocated, your throat becomes tight ... It's natural: the lump in your stomach, your pupils dilate.
No need to panic, because it's your brain that sends signals to the rest of your body to manage its priorities.
In fact, your body acts on its own to defend itself against external aggressions.
Today, a good number of practitioners tell us about alternative medicines based on Bach flowers, and more particularly Rescue, a remedy in its own right, that is used in emergency situations.

Another form of stress: chronic stress
We tend to forget that stress reactions are normal and useful! We know, for example, that we have more motivation when we are exposed to a certain amount of stress.
But it's when stress becomes chronic that the body is totally lost. Indeed, when stress is prolonged, our immune defenses often lose a little of their effectiveness, which triggers certain disorders. Anxiety can be one of these.

Here are the warning signs:

Gastrointestinal issues: heartburn, ulcers, bloating, abdominal pain
Muscle tension: low back pain, neck pain or shoulder pain
Skin diseases: eczema, psoriasis, acne, shingles, herpes outbreaks, hair loss ...

Be careful, most of these symptoms can also be caused by other types of illnesses, so you should seek the advice of your doctor, who will link your stress to the symptoms.

Rescue against states of stress
To stem the anxiety problem, Dr. Bach had created a remedy based on a combination of five flower essences: Bach flowers:
Impatiens (Patience): impatient, quick, irritable, rushed, alone.
Star of Bethlehem (Comfort): grief, upset.
Cherry Plum (Mastery): impulsiveness, loss of self-control.
Rock Rose (Courage): fear, panic, terror.
Clematis (Attention): reverie, absence,

We therefore have more patience, comfort, good self-control, maximized courage and attention. It sounds huge, yet it worked even for Carrie, who works as an intern doctor and suffers from a chronic disease: psoriasis. This appears when she is going through intense moments of stress.
She had tested a lot of creams before, but it was the Rescue that eased her discomfort.

In a situation of danger, everything is stressful and there are so many examples where Rescue is a great help. But not only that! We can reduce anxiety attacks through simple meditation and relaxation exercises such as yoga or by managing our diet well (favor omega 3s and vitamins) or even positive thinking through Feng Shui.