Bach Flower Remedies

Rebalance your emotions using the path of psychological harmony… Bach Flower remedies are a simple, effective and natural method

The path to psychological harmony
Each of us on this earth travels a unique route; and for each of us, our state of mind, like our state of health, tells us at which stage of the journey we are at. Each psychological or physical symptom sends us a specific message that it is up to us to recognize, in order to benefit from it and continue our journey in a constructive manner.

Bach Flower Remedies are catalysts - keys for the soul - which allow us to progress when we do not understand the messages from our soul or when we lack the strength to translate them into our everyday life.

The 38 "Bach Flowers"
The "Bach Flower Remedies" are a simple, effective and natural method, developed at the beginning of the century by an English immunologist, Edward Bach, who became a homeopath. These flower essences aim to rebalance the emotional state of the patient.

Where do the Original Bach Flowers ™ come from?
The Original Bach Flower Remedies were created by Dr Edward Bach, a doctor from Harley Street in England, both a researcher and a renowned bacteriologist. He was convinced that the state of mind plays an important role in maintaining good health and in recovery from illness.
He identified 38 negative emotional states and created a flower or herbal essence for each of them.
We know that the balance of the emotional system plays a big role in the state of physical health. It is in this context that the Original Bach Flowers come to help us in order to enjoy a better life.

Bach Flowers are also a tool for evolution that allow us to get closer to our true nature, to help us get to know ourselves better, to be more in harmony with ourselves and more in touch with the present moment.

The Advice from Womensdestiny:
This article, in some of its aspects, will constitute one of the links which connect the experience of the ancients with modern knowledge.
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You must also ensure the authenticity of the products: also note the Bach ™ signature (see logo which must be printed on the label). The original Bach Flowers have always been prepared in England, according to the traditional Edward Bach method prepared as in Dr. Bach's day, with tinctures produced exclusively by the Bach Center in Mount Vernon.

" As long as Soul, Body and Spirit are in harmony, Nothing can affect us "
(Edward Bach)