How Can You Rise Out Of Depression?

How can we feel good, when everything seems to be going badly in our life?

We all know that well-being and depression have become booming businesses.

We could easily get lost among all the methods which are proposed for getting out of a depression. So, we have gone through a considerable number of forums, called on several specialists and, even better, collected personal expériences, to make this article authentic, clear and lucid for you.

Depression is often a sign that something is wrong, and yet for many people the process of getting help can become a complex one, with so many proposed procedures and varying methods. If we start off with the principle that everything is a phenomenon of belief, you will be able to find your own method, according to your own personal convictions. For some people, behavioral therapy can be a great help. For others, taking up a sport can be liberating. There are no right or wrong methods that work for everyone.

Here are two very different examples, which say a lot about beliefs, their benefits and how to get out of a depression.

Christine 46 years old
How can I let go of my defense mechanisms? How can I get rid of certain harmful habits? When my mother died, I experienced great pain, I was fully aware that the grieving process could take a longer or a shorter time, depending on the person concerned. My nights had become a nightmare, I slept only 2 hours a night and I had to keep on top of my work and my two teenage children ... Months passed and this malaise seemed to have set in for good, it was impossible to get rid of it. So I turned to psychotherapy for 11 months, along with using antidepressants. Three years later and I was still on antidepressants and nothing had changed, I still felt just as empty!

So, I trusted a friend who was seeing a life coach, and that was the big change for me. Of course, not in one session, there is really no miraculous cure, Christine points out. Over the course of six months, I gradually not only got rid of these antidepressants which had become a drug, but also I was much more at ease, thanks to thorough work and a very empathetic approach.

Natalie 35 years old
As a result of a break up, my life has become hell on earth. Paradoxical, isn't it? Especially since it was I who left my partner. I separated from him because he was drinking, yes, alcohol destroyed my relationship. And I thought I could start my life over again. Unfortunately, a deep depression set in, so that I had frequent absences from work. I live in Paris and here, as in any big city, curing depression is not necessarily any easier, it is the plethora of choices that confuses us much more than it helps us. While chatting with my next door neighbor, who had surely heard the ups and downs of our relationship, and who asked me how I was doing since my separation from Cedric, she told me that she had been through the same thing with her ex-husband, and told me about emotional codependency. During this confession, she was explaining to me or sharing with me according to her vocabulary, that she was part of a CoDA support group, Co-Dependents Anonymous, a codependency recovery program. So, I went to a first meeting and indeed to this day, one year later, it has been very revealing for me. I needed to talk, to be listened to, to be understood, to empty my baggage, to get rid of all the baggage from my past, without being judged. So I found my happiness at CODA! Today I'm fine, plus I have a program to follow to get well.

There are many ways to find your way out of depression, the trick is simply to find your path, the one that will lead you to freedom.

Depression is a disease that should be taken seriously, but it is one that can be overcome…