Essential Oils And How To Use Them

Watch out! There are numerous pitfalls in the course of an initiation into Aromatherapy!

Caution and Precautions: How to get started with essential oils?
Recognized for their benefits for health and well-being, essential oils now have their place in our medicine boxes.
But their therapeutic virtues also require certain precautions to be taken, just as is the case using Bach Flower remedies.

We explain this to you
Quality above all: Always use 100% pure, organic essential oils, which are 100% natural, chemotyped and certified. In addition, some essential oils used in aromatherapy are not suitable for culinary use: it is therefore essential to read the label carefully.

It would be a great pity for you to cook with oils which contain synthetic substances.

Pregnant women and infants: Essential oils are not recommended for pregnant women (especially before the third month of pregnancy) or breastfeeding women and children who are under 6 years old.

Respiratory allergies/Asthma: The use of essential oils in atmospheric diffusion is not advised. 

Allergies: It is advisable to perform an allergy test before using any essential oil. To do this, put a drop of essential oil (mixed with a drop of vegetable oil) in the crease of the elbow. If after 24 hours you do not notice any reaction or redness, then you can use this essential oil. Beware of photosensitizing essential oils of Ceylon Cinnamon, Mint, Lemon Balm.

Respect the doses.
Do not exceed 1 drop per recipe for the essential oils of cinnamon, ginger and mint. In addition, never swallow pure essential oils: always dilute them in a fatty substance (vegetable oil, butter, honey, egg yolk, etc.).

Conservation: Theoretically, the shelf life of essential oils is set at 5 years. But this time limit is not always the case, because some of these essences keep even beyond their date and others even improve over time.

Self-medication: Essential oils must all be used wisely with certain precautions, their use often requires medical advice.

With this good advice, we now know that there is a solution to every problem… That is for sure, but we still need to exercise caution.