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Virgo : Will the planets be on your side?

23 August


22 September

The beginning of 2024 is one of release and abundance for you, Virgo.
Jupiter, the planet of good luck, is in your fellow earth sign of Taurus and directly affects your sector of travel and expansion. So, right the way until May, you are on a new journey, a path to new adventures and new rewards! But as is the case with any new adventure, you will need to leave behind what you don’t need on the next leg of your journey. This can include people you no longer need or that you have outgrown, and situations that are less than rewarding. So, consider what you want to pack into your 2024 bag and what you don’t! In January, when the sun enters your other fellow earth sign of Capricorn, you can feel the energy shifting. You are going for happiness and nothing less! Your communication will also come on leaps and bounds and due to your clear explanations, by March you can expect to get what you want. Pluto, the planet of rebirth, pays a long visit to your sector of health and of caring for yourself and  others too this year. This may sound worrying, but it is the ideal opportunity to look at self-care and to meet other people to whom you can show your natural caring nature. Who knows where that might take you!

You start the new year of 2024 with Venus paying a visit to your home sector, offering you prime opportunities for cozy dates! For Virgos in a relationship, this is a time to settle at home with your beloved, and also to discuss domestic matters all the way through to February. For this to happen successfully, your partner will need to be on the same page as you. For all Virgos, the important thing will be you, and where you are going next on your path of expansion and travel. This is a karmic passage and who you take with you in love on your journey, will need to complement you, or you will be waving them goodbye! This may well happen around the Full Moon in your sign on February 24th. There are also opportunities for fusion with a significant other in late April and all the way throughout May.

Our greatest glory is not in never failing, but in rising every time we fall.

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