What is My Decan?

Here's how to know in which decan you were born, to have a more refined version of your horoscope!

The decans in astrology
Some details on this subject will allow you to make the most of your free daily and monthly horoscope.

What exactly is a decan?
This word comes from the Latin decas and means "a period of ten days". In astrology, each sign of the zodiac lasts for 30 days.
Definition: The twelve signs form a 360° circle on which astrologers work. Each of these signs is divided into three equal parts of 10° called decans. A decan therefore corresponds to a period of 10 days.
The decan is calculated in relation to the exact position of the Sun at one’s birth. The position of the Sun at midnight is indicated in the ephemerides. Also, each decan has a planet associated with it. We offer you the chance to discover this in our little astrological guide.

Things to know…
A person born in the first decan will not have the same events predicted as a person born in the second decan, despite both being the same star sign.
In daily horoscopes, it is not uncommon to see the decans mentioned, in order to reinforce astrological forecasts.

You should also know that the use of the decans brings a useful complement and better understanding of your own sun sign. The goal now is to know which decan you were born in, to have a more refined version of your horoscope!

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