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Pisces : Will the planets be on your side?

20 February


20 March

Have you had the feeling you are swimming round and round in a circle?
If the answer is yes, it is because Saturn, the karmic planet of order and disorder is currently passing through your sign. This will continue throughout 2024, but don’t worry, you can still swim ahead and have success! From the very start of the year, your ruler Neptune is here to help you bolster your imagination and achieve your dreams and desires. This is a year to get rid of your problems, help yourself and help other people in new and positive ways. This year, you can come up with new or alternative solutions to any situation where you feel imprisoned or restrained (examples are health issues, addictions or areas of your life where you do not feel in control or where you are holding yourself back). The good news is that right from the beginning of the year, the lucky planet Jupiter is there to help you in all matters of communication, transport and in your personal development and learning. The month of March is particularly lucky for you, with a New Moon in your sign that allows you a new beginning, and Venus entering your sign on March 11th. On September the 17th a Full Moon lunar eclipse in your sign allows you to put a final end to any unwanted situation and to wave goodbye to it forever.

By February, you will be feeling much more like your old self and on your path to overcoming obstacles and of personal development, and you will meet some interesting characters along the way. This is karmically written, so take a careful note of who you meet and what they bring to your table. You manage your relationships through better communication throughout 2024 and are ready to ask for what you want, and to get it. March launches a new episode in your love life, be that through a new meeting or by enjoying romantic love with your partner when Venus transits your sign. June is also a very favorable month for love with June 2nd to 11th being prime dates for romantic liaisons.

In life we don't do what we want but we are responsible for what we are.

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