My Little Astrological Guide

Discover the influences of the Planets on your sign!

Your astrological sign sheds light on certain aspects of your character and behaviour, from an early age onwards.
If for the last 4000 years, men have noted the existence of a link between the stars and human destiny, it is at least an indication something is true!

Thanks to this little astrological guide, get to know yourself better!

Each of the 12 Zodiac signs is placed under the influence of one of the 4 elements: Fire Earth, Air and Water. Each of these elements give common characteristics to the 3 astrological signs that they rule

FIRE signs: Aries – Leo – Sagittarius.

Characteristics: Enthusiastic, Dominant, Active.

EARTH signs: Taurus – Virgo – Capricorn.

Characteristics: Realistic, Careful, Methodical.

AIR signs: Gemini – Libra – Aquarius

Characteristics: Sociable, Fast, Ingenious.

WATER signs: Cancer – Scorpio – Pisces.

Characteristics: Imaginative, Sensitive, Flexible,

The Sun:
 The sun is the core of the personality. Its position in the star chart gives basic information about the character and personality of an individual and his decision making process. It is the consciousness of a human being.  The sun’s home is in Leo.  The sun takes on the meaning of the sign of the zodiac in which it falls at birth, i.e. your sun sign is the sign you are born under.

The Moon: The moon represents the sensitivity of the individual, the imagination, the ability to be receptive and flexible, and how a person emotionally responds to situations. The moon also represents the mind-set of an individual, their spirit and their intuition. It is the unconscious part of a being. It rules imagination, memory, fertility. The moon’s home is in Cancer.

Mercury: Mercury represents activity of the brain, intellectual perception, expression and communication skills. Mercury represents the intellect. Mercury is the messenger of the gods in mythology. He rules over reasoning, expression, thought in general, the nerves, and implements all communications. His home is in Gemini and Virgo.

Venus: The planet Venus rules our emotional relationship with the outside world, the realms of feelings and pleasure. Venus represents love and is the goddess of beauty. She reigns over all that relates to goodwill. She conveys peace and harmony. Planet of the arts, her home is in Taurus and in Libra.

Mars: Mars is the spirit of self-assertion, the ability to integrate into the world, the aggressive action needed to defeat opponents, overcome obstacles and conquer one’s own vital living space. Mars represents energy and is the God of war. He gives courage, the ability for action, fighting energy, but also aggression and destruction. His home is in Aries.

Jupiter:  Known as the planet of luck, Jupiter symbolizes judgment, optimism, serenity and personal satisfaction. Jupiter represents kindness and luck. Jupiter is the god of Olympus. He rules over the laws of the material organisation of things. Jupiter also bestows spiritual awakening. His home is in Sagittarius.

Saturn: Saturn is the rational and pessimistic side of life, a defensive and conservative behaviour marked by mistrust, caution and calculation. Saturn represents the depths and time which never changes, and his metal is lead. Saturn gives the qualities of patience and prudence, but also the tendencies for withdrawal and loneliness.

Uranus: The first of the planets discovered using modern optical instruments, Uranus was therefore not known to the Ancients. Uranus represents innovation, pioneering spirit and fantasy. Uranus creates sudden and unpredictable changes and gives a feeling of idealism to everything. Uranus provides us with an independent nature. His home is in Aquarius.

Neptune: This planet symbolizes man's ability for metamorphosis; to change one’s own life relative to the constant changes of our immediate surroundings. Neptune represents inspiration and psychic tendencies. Neptune provides a contemplative aspect, because it has little practical spirit. It is the planet that leans towards mysticism. Neptune’s home is in Pisces.

Pluto: Discovered only a little more than sixty years ago, the interpretation of the meanings of this planet were formulated just recently. Pluto represents the deep subconscious; that is to say, the centre of repressed memory. Symbol of both death and rebirth, it gives us the strength 

Definition: The twelve signs form a 360° circle on which astrologers work. Each of these signs is divided into three equal parts of 10° called decanates or decans. A decanate corresponds to a period of 10 days. The decan is calculated from the exact position of the Sun at birth. The position of the sun at midnight is indicated in the ephemeris.