Compatibility Test

Find out if your love will last for one day or forever...

Are you made for each other?

Here are two relevant questions, which will undoubtedly give you the answers you are looking for, in the results of this love compatibility test.
YES, falling in love is undoubtedly one of the most beautiful experiences in life, the only problem is that you never really know how long it will last, because it's all about compatibility.
You think you are experiencing the perfect love, but are your feelings strong enough to overcome the trials of life and the passage of time? Will your relationship stand the test of time and of everyday life?
Oh, love! This exhilarating feeling that takes us without warning, but which sometimes leaves us facing a lot of uncertainty...Womensdestiny reveals you the secrets of your relationship, find out whether or not you are made for each other.

Your first date was memorable because:

  • You started arguing from the first moment you met!

  • You had to make an effort to be noticed by him/her!

  • The first exchange of glances was magic!

  • You took six months before you dared to have your first kiss!

As soon as you are apart for more than 24 hours:

  • He/she doesn't call you; you will see each other soon enough

  • Almost as soon as you have left, he/she is off seeing their friends!

  • He/she leaves you a loving voicemail message

  • He/she phones you repeatedly until you pick up

Your pet names for each other:

  • Of course we have them in private, but we never air them in public

  • A what? A pet name? What is that?

  • Goodness, we have so many of them! He/she invents new ones on a regular basis

  • It's always been the same names since we met

You have had a long hard week at work. You get home and:

  • Tonight it's going to be pasta again!

  • He/she is annoyed because you haven't done the shopping

  • He/she is cooking your favourite meal

  • He/She takes you out to a local restaurant

When you are in a group of other people:

  • He/She has a quick chat with you and then off they go, quick as a flash!

  • You turn around and he/she is always right behind you!

  • You exchange smiles that say a lot

  • You look for each other across the crowded room

How do you spend your holidays?

  • You dream about each of you doing your own thing for a few days

  • Him/her in the country/I go to the sea

  • Holiday or not, we go to the same place every year together

  • We just came back from a lovers weekend break. It did us both good!

What do you have planned in terms of future projects?

  • Have a baby in 6 months time, buy a house in a couple of years, he/she has it all worked out!

  • He/She told me yesterday that he/she wanted to go and live abroad!

  • We hope to buy a family car in six months time, we will think about anything else after that

  • We are full of dreams!

Question on your partner's looks and style at the moment?

  • I really don't pay any attention to outward appearances!

  • It's funny how he/she always dresses up to go out with his/her friends

  • He/she always finds that little something to make me smile

  • Sure, he/she has put on a few pounds, but I think he/she is better like that

It's St Valentine's day and you expect to:

  • We had an argument yesterday so hard to know what's going to happen

  • Ha! Valentine's Day? I'm still waiting for my Christmas present! 

  • Spend a wonderful and romantic evening together, as you do every year

  • Not really his or her style. But he/she doesn't need St Valentines as an excuse to give me presents

Sex between you both is:

  • A short regular work out that keeps us in trim

  • You have been dreaming about getting a lover

  • You have tried all the different positions and you still amaze each other

  • Tender and according to what we feel like at the time

You have a maxium of :

Be careful, the storm might be about to break!

We can honestly say that everything is peaceful at sea! You certainly seem to have set habits, routines are in place, everything is planned out and nothing could be more down to earth. Everything is so organised that there is not a lot more to say!

But the exotic side of life which we dream about isn’t necessarily that far away!
Changing habits, venturing out of the complete security of your cocoon, where you feel nothing bad can happen, could actually benefit you. To innovate, imagine or surprise could reinject a new energy into your desires and allow you to the live the life you dream of at last.

You have a maxium of :

Don’t you ever dream about Prince Charming?

It seems pretty clear that there is annoyance, boredom and even possibly weariness in the air! What on earth happened in your relationship for you both to get to this point? You liked each other, you couldn’t leave each other, you had lots of different projects together, which came to fruition due to your love. So…

Everything has a beginning, and everything can continue!
There are certainly times when one no longer wants to make an effort. It’s also easy to get the impression that whatever you do brings no results, or even easy to feel that you don’t deserve this, that or the other. You have changed and your partner has changed. Rediscover each other, share your new hopes and desires with him. This could reconstruct your love story, which, after all started off well enough, and rekindle the flame in your hearts.

You have a maxium of :

Tell us your secret!

There is no doubt that you and your partner are compatible! You understand each other without saying a word to each other. You have kept the fires of love burning since your first date. Despite everything, you manage to keep spontaneity, you do things naturally and get to satisfy all your desires! 

But beware, passion can be an all-consuming flame!
Are you not perhaps too wrapped up in your own little happy relationship bubble? Other people around you also deserve your attention. These people may well be the ones who will be there for you if times ever get tough. Best to remember this and don’t forget those people! They can also be a source of inspiration and ideas if you ever need that from them.

You have a maxium of :

A sensible relationship, ruled by Wisdom

This is not your first ever love story. You actually have plenty of experience in relationships. It’s perhaps due to this that you are so sensible in this current relationship.Life has taught you that you have to look after your partner, but also that you have to look after yourself. 

But hang on, aren’t you being just a tad too sensible?
A bit of spice in your life, new exciting experiences, different vibrations; why don’t you submit to new adventures or unexpected opportunities which come along, that might allow you both to surprise one another from time to time? Getting out of the routine, which might be pleasant enough, could allow you to experience new sensations and take you to greater heights!

No letter stands out

Have you taken the time to think about where you are at?

I love you a bit, a lot, truly, passionately madly….. well not really. You love one another, that is for sure. But one day you want to give each other the world, the next day you react like a complete egoist. One day its heads, the next day it’s tails. Why not be firm in your decisions and stick to them?

Between enduring love and passion, you need to decide which you want. We all experience impulsive thoughts from time to time, however…..

Building love is learning to love the other person’s faults. It is to make concessions in order to be able to move forwards together. Living in passion is to experience love intensely, in the knowledge that it will only last temporarily. If you want love to thrive at the very heart of your relationship, you need to better regulate your cravings for adventure and excitement. Why not, for example, redirect them into creative activity?