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Gemini : Will the planets be on your side?

21 May


21 June

You are the communicator of the zodiac and 2024 offers you the chance to use this skill and to shine, Gemini, shine!
This year you will find yourself looking within for your true potential, so you can shine like the star you are. The first part of the year will involve some inner work and a lot of talking things through with trusted allies. You can expect opportunities to have revealing conversations, especially during the months of January and February. Then from May 25th, the planet of luck enters your sign for a year stay. This is when things really start to get going! There are opportunities to be had in matters concerning spiritual interests, for higher education and learning, and experiences to have with people from different backgrounds to your own. Anything you choose that concerns communication, be that writing, public speaking, going for a degree or advising others, are all highly favoured this year. June is a particularly fortuitous month for you, beginning with a special astrological event on June 2nd which can work in your favour. All in all, Gemini, with Jupiter’s blessings this year, you should have an amazing 2024. Just be sure that you do things ethically, to ensure that Saturn, the planet of karma, is on your side in matters related to your career and its advancement.

Not only do your chances look great for your personal advancement this year of 2024, but they also look fantastic for your love life too. Jupiter’s luck can go as far as presenting you with a new partner if you are single, or having a partner who is supportive and helping you along, if you are in a relationship. With things going your way so well this year, be conscious of remaining open to suggestions and to remain humble, or others may find your confidence off-putting. Even as you start the new year, Venus gives a visit to your relationship sector, giving you gorgeous opportunities for love and partnerships. A special date of June 2nd can also bring you joy and some extra special surprises!

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