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Cancer : Will the planets be on your side?

22 June


22 July

This year of 2024 presents you with a journey of work and accomplishment to find your true self.
But don’t worry Cancer, you won’t have to do this work on your own! Until May 25th, Jupiter, the Planet of good luck, shines its positive rays on your social life and enhances new meetings and friendships too. This is a calling to get out of your shell to connect with others. Who you meet will act as a mirror for you, to help you understand what you really want in your life and who you really are. Then, in the latter part of the year, Jupiter helps you with your working on yourself. This year you will rediscover who you really are, to be truthful with yourself, shed any unneeded blockages to your true spiritual self and increase your self-confidence to be the real you. This will be an interesting journey and one where you will need to look deep within yourself at times and to stick to your principles. Just make sure the time and money you allocate to other people’s needs is fair and balanced. Sometimes you may need to say NO, because it is the right thing for you, but that is all part of your personal evolution in 2024! 
On July 5th a wonderful New Moon in your sign gives you the chance for a new beginning and the chance to shine.

With Pluto, the planet of rebirth beginning a long stay in your sector of sex and shared resources, you can expect some major changes in your love life this year! For single Cancerians, new meetings and new bonds will arrive through your social life, so make sure you get out and about and pursue your interests to meet a match with whom you share a passion in more ways than one! For Cancerians who are in a relationship, you can expect some reviews on your shared finances and a new impetus into your sex life. Any problems you have will be begging to be resolved. From January onwards you have multiple chances to do things differently and to achieve success. From June 17th, when Venus enters your sign, your love life can get the make over you have been looking for!

Demand much from yourself, little from others, and you will prevent discontent.

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