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Taurus : Will the planets be on your side?

20 April


20 May

Well, Taurus, this looks like your year!
With Jupiter the planet of good luck shining down upon you in your sign until May 25th, you can start planning the party for 2024 now! This is also a year of shifts and transitions for you, that is destined to accelerate your career and public recognition in the longer term. This is due to the planet Pluto blowing the winds of renewal into these areas. But, beware! Saturn the karmic planet of order and disorder is also present with you all year, affecting your friendships and groups. As Saturn teaches us life lessons, your lesson this year will be about balance: the balance between work and your friendships, or perhaps achieving your goals without rocking the boat among your colleagues. You will need to work with this energy rather than against it and all will be well. On April 7th when Venus enters Taurus, you should be due a super month ahead. On May 25th, when Jupiter shifts into Gemini, good luck shines on your finances, so the work you put into your career earlier in the year will start paying off financially, and things look promising for the 2nd half of the year. By June 9th when Mars, the masculine planet of drive enters your sign, you should be full steam ahead to fulfilling your dreams and desires in 2024.

It’s not only your working relationships that come under the spotlight this coming year, but also your love relationships too. In fact, you enter 2024 with a big push from Venus right in your relationship sector. It’s time for you to look at what you really want and get things into balance. If you are single, consider making 2024 the year that you find your perfect match. The stars are with you! For those in relationships, do you want in or out? Just don’t make any decisions on the hop! Once you know what you really want, the planetary energy will work with you too to achieve what you want in love. There is a good chance of romance that evolves through caring friendships this year too.

Life is a challenge to take up, a happiness to deserve, an adventure to try.

Mother Teresa
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