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Aquarius : Will the planets be on your side?

21 January


19 February

The big news for you this year is that Pluto, the planet of rebirth is entering your sign for a 20 year stay.
This will have a global impact on all the star signs, as us earthlings use our mental capacity to address the issues of the planet. But you, Aquarius, can personally expect to start a new, 20-year cycle, which begins in 2024! This is your year to implement what you need to be your better self, to resolve any outstanding issues you have and to move forward in new and exciting ways. This begins as soon as the new year hits. By February there will be an abundance of movement, as at various times, there are 5 out of the 9 major planets all competing in your sign, to ensure that you can get things done your way. This includes Mars and Venus both being in your sign at the same time for the second half of February, which gives you choices in your personal life too. In fact, after the new moon in Aquarius and Chinese New Year on the 9th of February, you should feel completely energised. The planet of good luck also visits your home and influences your family arrangements until May, allowing you to change things as you wish on the home front. A Full Moon in your sign on August 19th allows you to turn a new chapter in your life and to say goodbye to the past as you launch your new self forwards!

For those Aquarians who are in a relationship, you can enjoy cuddly times and the ability to make cozy arrangements with your beloved during the first part of the year. Singles, your strokes of luck come from the New Moon in Aquarius on February 9th. With both Mars and Venus in your sign during February too, this is definitely the month of love and new possible encounters for you. The planetary aspects also suggest that love could be long term, as long as you feel cozy with your love match at home! Valentine’s Day 2024 should be one to remember for you, Aquarius. In fact, the whole month of February looks like it is cram backed with romantic opportunities. Further opportunities for love can be had in the summer, with August being a favourable month.

If you demand a lot from yourself but little from others, you will keep clear from resentment.

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