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Leo : Will the planets be on your side?

23 July


22 August

This could be the year you have been waiting for, as Pluto, the planet of rebirth and regeneration enters your partnership and relationship sector for a long stay.
At the same time, Jupiter, the planet of good luck, is shining down on your career and reputation. So, this is the year to decide what you want, both in your private life and for your career, and to go for it! Right at the very start of the year, you will be able to feel this shift happening, with Venus in your sister fire sign of Sagittarius for a month, bringing you surprises in love and partnerships. A Full Moon in your sign on January 25th is a turning point you may want to note in your diary for posterity! By March, you are already on your new path, shaking your lion’s mane freely in the new winds of 2024! In the second half of the year, your hope and dreams get a boost, as do your friendships and social circle, which are likely to increase in a substantial way. With Saturn, the karmic planet of order, highlighting transformations this year for you, Leo, 2024 is a year of important changes for you, and one where you can climb to the top of your mountain and roar like the lion you are! 

With changes blowing through your relationship sector, you know what this means, Leo! It’s time to time to sort out your love life, and this year offers you the chance of a fresh start. Gone are the days of you scratching around or taking second best. Just make sure this time round you make the choices that really resonate with your heart, as there will be opportunities that are rare in your lifetime for you to feel at one in love. Single Leos can have great meetings in January, February and all the way from June to November and a real chance to find THE ONE in 2024. Leos in relationships will want to sort out those final problems and feel utterly fulfilled, or to move to pastures new. Either way Leo, remember, this is a year of destiny to get what you want!

Happiness is sometimes hidden in the unknown.

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