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Libra : Will the planets be on your side?

23 September


23 October

You can look forward to an action packed 2024 with loads going on Libra!
Fun and satisfaction are written in your cards, Libra, but that doesn’t mean there is no work to be done! In fact, at times, you may enjoy yourself so wildly during the first half of the year, that you forget to take other peoples’ feelings into consideration. So, a note to self: keep things in the balance. This year is also all about all kinds of relationships and you may find yourself exploring close relationships in ways you never imagined. This is not about getting out there and meeting loads of new people, it’s about deep relationships and bonding at soul level. Progress can be sure and steady this year, especially if you pursue a creative path, but creating anything: a new business, a work of art, a new piece of writing, are all heavily favoured if you have a genuine talent in a particular area. Like your opposite zodiac sign of Taurus, you will need to keep your work and relationships in balance this year.  There is not one, but TWO Eclipses in your sign this year, a lunar eclipse on March 3rd and a New Moon solar eclipse on October 2nd. Mark these two key dates for new beginnings or sudden endings to situations.

Early 2024 is a sexy period for you! Yes, as early as January, if you have never been truly fulfilled in your sex life, you can make it happen! But that will take honesty and trust with the right person. Single Libras have plenty of romantic opportunities to meet new people but make sure that you use your skills of discernment, rather than just throwing yourself in at the deep end first. You are looking for lasting love, remember? Libras in relationships can expect a deepening of relationships and a new balance to their scales in the bedroom. Trying something new can give maximum rewards! By March, new breakthroughs are on the cards in relationships. A beautiful astral blending in August can also cause excitement in your love life this coming summer!

There are endless days, months, years where almost nothing seems to happen. There are minutes and seconds that contain a whole world.

Jean d'Ormesson
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