Your Personality, According to Your Chinese Sign

All the Character Traits of your Chinese Zodiac Sign revealed!

The Chinese horoscope is represented by 12 animals.
Each Chinese sign is different, whether you are a Rabbit, a Goat or a Pig, you will have a different personality and destiny from the other signs.
These animals represent a very different image from that which we usually give them. For example, the Snake symbolizes wisdom, the Tiger is considered the defender of the poor and of orphans, and so on.
And you, what is your personality according to the Chinese horoscope? Click here if you don't know your sign, or if you do, select your Chinese Animal below, to discover your personality.

Snake: The influence of your sign on your personality

Snake: Chinese name: SHE
Season: Spring
Flower: Lavender

For the Snake, friendship takes up an important place in his life. Other major assets such as loyalty and fidelity are part of his qualities.
The Snake is a thoughtful being who doesn’t make decisions lightly. He possesses great intelligence, wisdom and quick-wittedness. He knows how to manage his business very well because he is very good at leading in his professional life.
The Snake is also a very eloquent talker, capable of playing devil's advocate to perfection! With him, it's a bit all or nothing! One day, he will be ambitious and determined, while the next day, he will prefer to do things the easy way. This very paradoxical and ambivalent side of the Snake's behaviour is that he knows how to switch between his emotions. One day, he will like big cities and to see people, but another day he will feel lonely and will prefer to live in places that are withdrawn from large crowds, favouring life in the countryside.

He who believes in his dreams, misses his life.

Chinese proverb

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