Your Personality, According to Your Chinese Sign

All the Character Traits of your Chinese Zodiac Sign revealed!

The Chinese horoscope is represented by 12 animals.
Each Chinese sign is different, whether you are a Rabbit, a Goat or a Pig, you will have a different personality and destiny from the other signs.
These animals represent a very different image from that which we usually give them. For example, the Snake symbolizes wisdom, the Tiger is considered the defender of the poor and of orphans, and so on.
And you, what is your personality according to the Chinese horoscope? Click here if you don't know your sign, or if you do, select your Chinese Animal below, to discover your personality.

Rooster: The influence of your sign on your personality

Rooster: Chinese Name: JI
Season: Autumn
Flower: The Sunflower

The Rooster is overflowing with energy and has a hyperactive side. He is a cerebral person, who is full of humor, often gifted with the ability for written expression or endowed with fine manual skills.
He has a magnetic personality with a natural, easy-going nature and is very attentive to his physical appearance. He is a perfectionist, thoughtful, quick-witted. The Rooster knows how to get up when he is down and can withstand the most difficult situations. His reactions can sometimes be exaggerated, but this is his defence, his shield.
The Rooster is a person with a lot of humanity and kindness. His emotions can sometimes overwhelm him, as he is very sensitive. His versatile side sometimes gets him into a corner, and then he can change his mood radically. This can be quite destabilizing for those around him, who do not always understand him.
 He is a character that stands out because he leaves no one indifferent.
The Rooster does not know hypocrisy or lies. He is always honest and sincere and even if it sometimes causes some arguments, his partner can be assured that he will always tell the truth.

Alcohol is white but reddens the face, gold is yellow but blackens the heart.

Chinese proverb

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