Your Personality, According to Your Chinese Sign

All the Character Traits of your Chinese Zodiac Sign revealed!

The Chinese horoscope is represented by 12 animals.
Each Chinese sign is different, whether you are a Rabbit, a Goat or a Pig, you will have a different personality and destiny from the other signs.
These animals represent a very different image from that which we usually give them. For example, the Snake symbolizes wisdom, the Tiger is considered the defender of the poor and of orphans, and so on.
And you, what is your personality according to the Chinese horoscope? Click here if you don't know your sign, or if you do, select your Chinese Animal below, to discover your personality.

Pig: The influence of your sign on your personality

Pig: Chinese Name: ZHU
Season: Autumn
Flower: Broom

With a solid, tolerant, sociable and courageous personality, the Pig is a flexible sign that keeps a youthful look and a taste for play, for a very long time.
Pigs are helpful people and give good advice, so they can often choose professions in line with their qualities. The Pig’s concern for safety and its fear of tomorrow, make the Pig a meticulous worker who does not take any task lightly.
The Pig is a generally positive being who likes to see life on the bright side. He likes a peaceful and quiet life, he is generous and sensitive.
In love, he can love passionately and find it difficult to contain his feelings. He is quite cliché in his tastes, he likes simple, but positive, and above all, not extravagant personalities.
The Pig does not always see what is happening under his own nose very well. This is the reason why in love, he can be an easy prey.

The safest door is the one that can be left open.

Chinese proverb

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