Your Personality, According to Your Chinese Sign

All the Character Traits of your Chinese Zodiac Sign revealed!

The Chinese horoscope is represented by 12 animals.
Each Chinese sign is different, whether you are a Rabbit, a Goat or a Pig, you will have a different personality and destiny from the other signs.
These animals represent a very different image from that which we usually give them. For example, the Snake symbolizes wisdom, the Tiger is considered the defender of the poor and of orphans, and so on.
And you, what is your personality according to the Chinese horoscope? Click here if you don't know your sign, or if you do, select your Chinese Animal below, to discover your personality.

Monkey: The influence of your sign on your personality

Monkey: Chinese Name: HOU
Season: Summer
Flower: The Elder Flower

A very intellectual and lively personality, who likes to take up challenges, the Monkey will be able to bounce back from each difficult situation with unfailing flexibility and intellectual ease.
The Monkey is a curious being with great intelligence, however, do not play tricks on him, because he will be waiting for you around the corner!
As a child, he could have given the impression of being selfish, and manipulative. However, he was just an assertive being, who already knew what he wanted. In love, he will want nothing superficial, on the contrary, he will do everything on a grand scale. Even if he likes to change partners and is a suspicious being who does not like to show his weaknesses, he remains very endearing but wants to look after himself, for fear of suffering.
He can be suspicious, even jealous. But the Monkey is a great romantic and even if he refuses to admit it, it is always his heart that ends up guiding him.
When they love, they really love; when they don't like, Monkeys never really hate!

Better a thousand refusals than a broken promise.

Chinese proverb

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