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Astrology is probably the oldest tool of knowledge in human history.

Your astrological sign comes from your date of birth, more precisely it is determined by the constellation of the zodiac in which the sun appears (as seen from the earth) at the time of your birth. It allows us to define parts of the character of each person.

Remember that the characteristics listed for each astrological sign are general traits that may not apply to everyone.

Also, do not be surprised to find qualities, faults and behaviours that are unlike your partner's.

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Everything you need to know about your man Taurus

20 April


20 May

Taurus is calm, a charmer...
He likes things to be clear cut and does not like to be pushed around. He may feign boredom but in fact, he is not bored at all. Hardworking and of a rather cautious nature, he is able to take risks to secure his professional future.
Even if his love life is busy, his friends know that he will always be there for them and vice versa, since the Taurus man has a big heart. Taurus is solid, stable and reliable in what he undertakes and does not look for shortcuts.
Proud of his beauty, he can sometimes be found with an exacerbated and disproportionate egocentrism, concerning details about his physical appearance and clothing. Ecological at heart, he loves nature ardently and passionately.
Prone to a fierce, determined, relatively self-indulgent temperament in love, Taurus will need to be flattered. Taurus can be very generous, Taureans can even go as far as to get themselves into financial trouble. Unlike Aries who always wants to be first, Taurus easily accepts second place.
The Taurus man will know how to captivate you, his power of persuasion and his romanticism remain incomparable compared to the other signs of the zodiac.

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