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Astrology is probably the oldest tool of knowledge in human history.

Your astrological sign comes from your date of birth, more precisely it is determined by the constellation of the zodiac in which the sun appears (as seen from the earth) at the time of your birth. It allows us to define parts of the character of each person.

Remember that the characteristics listed for each astrological sign are general traits that may not apply to everyone.

Also, do not be surprised to find qualities, faults and behaviours that are unlike your partner's.

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Everything you need to know about your man Aquarius

21 January


19 February

The Aquarius man is a bit nihilistic and melancholy, endowed with great intelligence and unfailing courage.
Aquarius always has more than one trick up his sleeve. An affair with this sign will be far from monotonous, as it will be full of surprises.
With his sensitivity on edge, natives of this sign will live up to the singularity of their power of alertness. They easily embody a libertine portrait with supreme power.
Their disturbing and galvanizing fragility gives them a sense of power, transporting Aquarius men into an idealistic and philanthropic world. The first dates will have to be done with homeopathic dosage.
The mental comes before the physical, before the feelings: this is one of the essential keys to understanding him. In principle, the Aquarius man is gifted for many things, because he has a pretty keen intelligence, and he knows how to use it to access what he desires. These natives are sincerely convinced that they are not part of the normal world.
Entertain them with these thoughts... Occupy them, they are real kids.
Aquarius knows how to free himself from all the rules, he likes to disobey.
The only rules and limits he respects are those he imposes on himself, thanks to a good knowledge of himself. Determined and attentive to the smallest detail, the Aquarius man is ultimately a paradoxical but sensitive and endearing sign.

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