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Astrology is probably the oldest tool of knowledge in human history.

Your astrological sign comes from your date of birth, more precisely it is determined by the constellation of the zodiac in which the sun appears (as seen from the earth) at the time of your birth. It allows us to define parts of the character of each person.

Remember that the characteristics listed for each astrological sign are general traits that may not apply to everyone.

Also, do not be surprised to find qualities, faults and behaviours that are unlike your partner's.

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Everything you need to know about your man Sagittarius

23 November


22 December

Good-natured and energetic, the Sagittarius man is active, he does not like to sit around idly, he has an existential need to express his emotions and share them.
Sagittarius does not like responsibilities.
Sagittarius finds it difficult to understand how some people manage to become leaders. Professionally, he is not necessarily destined for a great career but will know how to make people talk about him and leave the indelible mark of his joy and cheerfulness. This is the reason he doesn't want to grow up (Peter Pan Syndrome) and prefers to keep his childlike soul.
Psychologically, Sagittarius is dreamy natured, turned towards the nostalgia of the past, towards the mother figure, towards the family, which does not make him an unstable person for all that. Family life is essential for him, Sagittarius hates arguments and will not tolerate domestic scenes. In love, he will have difficulty expressing his feelings, but under a somewhat distant exterior, he hides an infinite tenderness.
Sociable and up for anything, ladies, you will have no trouble getting him into the great outdoors.
The Sagittarius man has great energy, unfailing optimism and courage that allows him to do whatever he wants, a cocktail of qualities that makes him a touching man.

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