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Astrology is probably the oldest tool of knowledge in human history.

Your astrological sign comes from your date of birth, more precisely it is determined by the constellation of the zodiac in which the sun appears (as seen from the earth) at the time of your birth. It allows us to define parts of the character of each person.

Remember that the characteristics listed for each astrological sign are general traits that may not apply to everyone.

Also, do not be surprised to find qualities, faults and behaviours that are unlike your partner's.

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Everything you need to know about your man Capricorn

23 December


20 January

Capricorn is sincere and generous beneath a cold exterior.
In love, the Capricorn man does not support deception and lies, despite having great tolerance and ease of adaptation to any test he may face.
Patient and wise, Capricorns are extraordinary lovers for anyone lucky enough to inspire them with admiration.
It is true that they are not considered the most emotional or the most sensual of the zodiac signs, on the contrary you can be certain ladies, that when they claim to love you, they really mean it. In a relationship, as in all other aspects of their life, Capricorn rarely darkens and doubts, getting rid of their inner doubts as if they had never existed.
Perhaps a little shy and reserved, the Capricorn man sometimes achieves professional success and is often successful in business. Capricorns tend to act before thinking, very pragmatically, whatever the decision to be made, they will always keep in mind the safeguard of their material security.
Capricorn men are anything but temperamental. It is obvious that trying to establish a relationship with a Capricorn native takes time. You will have to learn to live one day at a time, but you can be assured that a Capricorn man will offer you stability.

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