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All the character traits of your zodiac sign revealed by our Astrologer

Astrology is probably the oldest tool of knowledge in human history.

Your astrological sign comes from your date of birth, more precisely it is determined by the constellation of the zodiac in which the sun appears (as seen from the earth) at the time of your birth. It allows us to define parts of the character of each person.

 Remember that the characteristics listed for each astrological sign are general traits that may not apply to everyone. Also, do not be surprised to find qualities, faults and behaviours that are unlike your own.

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Cancer: Your main character traits

22 June


22 July

Cancers are active women, depending on their ascendant, they are hyperactive, and people generally fail to keep up with them. Professionally, Cancers are hardworking women and can't stand lazy people.
With a peaceful nature, natives of this sign hate conflicts more than anything else, and rarely take a stand when the antagonism gets extreme.
At a purely sentimental level, reaching agreement with this sign will not always be easy.
The Cancer woman is instinctive and paradoxically, she can also tend to intellectualize. She needs to be loved so much, that she won't always dare to let go, which can end up discouraging her partner. By making a minimum effort, partners can reach an acceptable agreement.
Perfectionist and rational, the Cancer woman takes her time to do things right and put all her ambitions and working abilities into the quest for a comfortable situation. With her lack of self-confidence, which she will have to learn to work with, the Cancer woman often has the impression that she is not loved enough.
The Cancer woman can lock herself in an ivory tower and thus isolate herself from the outside world. It is not uncommon for this sign to suffer from social anorexia.
Nevertheless, friendship will play a big role in her life and her loyalty will ensure that she will always be surrounded by loving and reassuring friends.

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