Why is Tibetan Astrology So Different?

Tibetan astrology is refreshingly original. It harmoniously unites two different, major astrological currents. Find out about it here!

Let us marvel at this epic tale, for which I am about to provide you with all the secrets you need to know. Yes, Tibetan astrology unites two astrological tides of the East, that of China and also of Buddhist India!

Tibetan astrology tinted with the prism of Buddhism
Tibetan astrology is linked to Tibetan Buddhism. It is the end result of great mental training such as meditation, the development of consciousness and intuition. It is a practice encapsulating compassion and understanding and is very different to Western astrology (which is a little mundane in comparison!)
Tibetan astrology is not only about divination, it is also used in Tibetan chronology, related to its calendar. It is an essential almanac, still remaining important in the daily lives of Tibetans, to ensure that their actions are in harmony with the universe. In some Tibetan cities, astrologers use their skills to provide advice regarding the weather, harvest periods, or the date and strength of a possible marriage between two people.
Ultimately, Tibetan astrology is largely part of Tibetan culture, through its inclusion in daily life. It is also a complement to Tibetan medicine, combining astrology and traditional medicine. Wisdom and method therefore go hand in hand (this all seems to be common sense to me!).

Karma and interdependence dance to the rhythm of Tibetan Astro “logic” 
Karma and interdependence are part of this. In order to explain these principles a little better, I will develop on these two points.
Karma is a straightforward matter! It is simply the cycle of cause and effect, related to the existence of all sentient beings. But don't worry, this just means the sum of everything an individual has done, is currently doing or will do in the future, throughout their initiatory journey of LIFE!
Interdependence dances to the rhythm of romance!  This is an existence that is not autonomous, not separate, and not independent. Perhaps, as the little egocentric beings that we are, we are not always delighted by the thought of this dance of interdependence. But these human ties will in principle get you lots of cuddles and lots of support!
These two pillars of Tibetan astrology ultimately offer to help us, good people that we are, to avoid seemingly painful suffering and to perfect our chances of success in life. These symbolic principles therefore give you great force. 

A sacred instrument: the elements
Ultimately, Tibetan astrology allows you to know yourself better, thanks to its pillars and the factors we mention above. In particular, via a horoscope which based on the 5 elements:

  • Wood: its qualities are vitality and movement. Inspiration, creative power and harmony are included.
  • Fire: zest for life, impatience, ambition and idealism are part of their being. 
  • Earth: wisdom, prudence, and attachment to material achievements allow them to do wonders.
  • Metal: severity and tension between morality and material pleasures are essential to them.
  • Water: calm, the ability to listen, patience, intuition and shyness are their beautiful characteristics.

Objective Differences Between Western and Tibetan Astrology
Let's get back to the specific subject of this article, the differences between the Western and Tibetan horoscopes! Western horoscopes refer to the tropical zodiac, based on the path of the Sun around the Earth. The Tibetan horoscope refers to the sidereal zodiac, based on the groupings of stars, which constitute the background of the solar course in their own right. These two, very different forms of the zodiac therefore vary by about 24°, meaning a 24° shift of all the signs of the zodiac. For the Tibetans, an “Aries” therefore becomes a “Pisces”. This in turn can then outline a palette of your different behaviors, when used in combination with the Western horoscope (I admit, the shock was like a rock coming from nowhere, showing me a variety of new points to address concerning my behavior!!) 
Kisses to you, my brilliant starlets!