Your 2024 Chinese Horoscope

2024: The Year of The Dragon

Chinese New Year 2024 officially begins on February 10th 2024.  This date rings in the Year of the Dragon. In Chinese astrology, the Dragon is highly revered. It is a lucky sign with a lot of intelligence and powerful energy.
To allow you to understand the energy of this year more easily, the equivalent sign of the Dragon in the western zodiac is Aries. Therefore, the Dragon is an initiator, forward thinking, full of go-getting energy. The Dragon is daring and fearless. So, that is the over-riding energy of this new Chinese year! Chinese astrology also encapsulates 5 elements, being earth, water, wood, metal and fire.
This is the year of the wood Dragon, so it is slightly calmer than other Dragon years and there is an emphasis on growth and expansion. Previous Dragon years are 1940, 1952, 1964, 1976, 1988, 2000 and 2012, so you can look back at those years to get a taste of the energy for this 2024 Chinese New Year too. People born in 1964 have a particularly favorable year coming their way as they are Wood Dragons. Now discover what this exciting Year of the Dragon announces for your Chinese Sign!

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Rabbit: Here's what your Chinese Horoscope has in store for you for 2024


A year to work with the good luck of the Dragon to bring about your own!

While the Rabbit and The Dragon are fairly neutral in their relationship, the driving, quite pushy, energy of the Dragon may not suit the Rabbit overly well in all respects. To avoid feeling pushed or pulled about there are some areas to concentrate on to ensure a happy and successful year for you. First, understand that you like to do everything in detail and in a calm and fairly paced manner. Continue as you are, but don’t be frazzled by the Dragon energy and don’t feel like you have to go with it all the time. If needs be, communicate your needs and get things clear as to what is required of you.
Secondly as a hugely creative Chinese animal, you can use this to your advantage and really succeed in the arts and innovations where you have talent. As one of the luckiest zodiac animals, you can use your skills to bring good luck to your situation and work with the luck of the Dragon rather than against it in this aspect.
Clear communication will also be needed in your relationships. Know that you may also feel a little rushed in some aspects of these! It’s important that you can keep your pace and explain your position clearly and to negotiate your way through any situations that need it. This applies to Rabbits in a relationship and single rabbits meeting a new love match. State your case to get what you want. You will be glad you did!

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