The Leonardo Da Vinci Tarot

The Da Vinci Enigma: the forgotten key that unlocks the gates of the unknown...

What if we always dive deeper into Leonardo's conceptions?

If you are passionate about esotericism, Womensdestiny has just found you a pearl in the world of cartomancy!
Before introducing you to Leonardo da Vinci and his esoteric concept, we will just take a quick look at this simply sublime box set by Caitlin Matthews.
The 22 Major Arcana are reviewed and resized in a temporal space. The microcosm (Minor Arcana) and macrocosm cards (Major Arcana) harmonise beautifully together, in a fantastically, enigmatic Leonardo experience!

The deck is accompanied by a booklet where the author discusses different, easy spreads and invites you to take a leisurely journey to savour this special art, which will help you reveal insight into the enigmas of your soul and of your destiny.

The explorer of all possibilities of the Renaissance
Leonardo da Vinci was an Italian painter, sculptor, architect and scientist born in Vinci in 1452. He died in Amboise in 1519.
Best known for his painting, author of the greatest masterpieces in history, Leonardo da Vinci is the archetype of absolute genius.
Leonardo da Vinci was also interested in the different spiritual and esoteric movements of his time and here, we have tried to enter a world that is his…. In an unpretentious way of course, only to decode a mystery that interests us today, that of Da Vinci's Tarot.
By exploring the fields of knowledge of the Renaissance, one of the most enigmatic of the divinatory tarots has just made its appearance. Art and science share the spirit of this man with extraordinary gifts and this Tarot deck has already fascinated many of you.

The Enigmatic Tarot of Leonardo Da Vinci
Would a mind that reaches such heights be content to build tools without wondering about the world? The esoteric side of Leonardo da Vinci is by nature difficult to pin down.
It should nevertheless be noted that Leonardo da Vinci always kept away from esoteric speculations, but the fact remains that his interest in the mysteries of the cosmos sometimes led him imperceptibly towards very different paths.

We could qualify this Tarot deck as being unique in its kind, just as Da Vinci's paintings and characters are, with an androgynous and enigmatic character which will delight enthusiasts of genius. However, if you have never dealt with tarot cards, it could be difficult for you to understand the meaning of divination using art. That having been said, the cards are just beautiful.