History Of The Tarot Cards

The origins of the mystical cards that are used all over the world

Let's go back into history together and enter the world of the most famous divinatory tool in the world: the Tarot cards. Instrument of divination par excellence, giving predictions of the future, the Tarot cards are both intriguing and fascinating, and many people are genuinely interested at looking into their near or distant future in detail.

However, before opening the doors of cartomancy, let's start with a bit of history and take a look at its origins.

To talk about the Tarot, let's first take a look at the word "Tarot" and what it means.
The word "Tarot" is a combination of two Egyptian words, Tar, "way" or "path" and Ro, "king" or "royal". This could therefore be combined as "the royal way of life."
Let’s have a look at the history and origins of the Tarot. It seems that its origins go back to very, very ancient times. It is a legacy from antiquity. Scholars put their sacred knowledge into a form of Tarot, as well as it serving the purpose of hiding this secret from the layman.

It was also said that the Tarot originated with the Atlantean people living in the city of Atlantis (which disappeared under mysterious circumstances), It was then passed to the descendants of the Atlantans, the Egyptians and finally on to the Gypsies, Nomads and Travellers who were descendants of Egypt. It was also passed to the Templars, living in the abbey of St. Victor in Marseille, founded by John Cassian, a monk who arrived from Egypt.

In the late eighteenth century, Antoine Court de Gebelin, a freemason, tells us that the Tarot originated in Pharaonic Egypt, in an essay that he wrote called "the Primitive World compared with the Modern World," published in 1781. This text by Gebelin helped to popularize the divinatory aspects of the Tarot. 

The Tarot of Marseilles: In the sixteenth century, following influence by the gypsies, the French began to use this Tarot deck with the objective of giving divinatory readings. In 1754, the city of Marseille, became the centre of production. This Tarot Deck has supposedly preserved the original symbolism, the figures and the colours in their purest forms. And is claimed to be the oldest and most traditional deck of all.

The tarot offers you the answers to all the questions that concern you.