Tourism in Florence, the Must-Sees

Monuments and artists on every street corner… Synonymous with a timeless city

Buongiorno mi amiche! Oggi, I'm going to take you to a country rich in Renaissance monuments and works of art: Florence, the capital of Tuscany

Little artistic guided tour
First of all, the big shots…Michelangelo's David is located in the Galleria dell' Accademia. Other masterpieces by Michelangelo are included, such as "The Prisoners" and "Saint Matthew", on either side of the corridor leading to the "David". Many wonderful surprises await you, from paintings and sculptures to musical instruments from the Medici family.
But also, there is the Galleria degli Uffizi, the Florentine palace which overflows with a collection of paintings and works of all kinds, and which is an absolute must-see. Going from Botticelli to Titian or even Leonardo da Vinci, you will be amazed by the many sculptures, illuminations and paintings, from the Middle Ages to the modern era.
Since you are already located next to the Duomo, nothing beats a short getaway within this Gothic cathedral. A marriage of white, pink and green marble covers its exterior, embellished with large doors with the most delightful statues. The must-do is also to climb the 463 steps of this cathedral to admire the view that is offered to you.

After this wonderful panoramic view, a short descent is required, in order to get to Giotto's Campanile, the famous bell tower with another 414 steps to be climbed for the bravest, in order to get another panoramic thrill. Then go towards Via dei Calzaiuoli, to discover the Palazzo Vecchio. Indeed, very “vecchio”, since it dates from medieval times. To enter this palace, you will pass through the inner courtyard which will lead you to the Salon of the Five Hundred, both decorated by Vasari.

Let's stay with Vasari, by taking the Vasari Corridor (a small, secret passage), in order to cross the Ponte Vecchio. You will be able to observe the river Arno and the countless authentic jewelry shops!
To enhance your visit even further, go to Piazza Santa Croce to discover the Basilica of Santa Croce, lined inside with frescoes and sublime stained-glass windows. One of the jewels of the Franciscan basilicas, which houses the tombs of Machiavelli, Michelangelo and Galileo.
To take in some nature, you can go to the Boboli Gardens. A superb view of the city awaits you there. This historical park is accompanied by an amphitheater, an Egyptian obelisk, a huge fountain. This is a place full of beauty and many things to discover...

Little local culinary discovery
Diverse and varied dishes are at your fingertips! Your stay will be peppered with charcuterie, chianti, white truffles, cheeses, pasta, olive oil... But where to go to find these local products other than in a restaurant? The answer is the San Lorenzo market, to enjoy some gourmet moments! And above all, don’t hesitate to get off the beaten track, in order to stroll and bask in the alleys and visit cafes to have cappuccinos and coffees! 

Enjoy all the wows of Florence in true Italian style!