Olive oil: a Cosmetic with Multiple Uses

A beauty tool to adopt!

Hello my lovelies, here is a little beauty session for a healthy summer! Olive oil, a product that shines at night and at noon! You will be jealous, my little ones!

An oil with a thousand facets
Olive oil is rich in fatty acids. You knew that, right? But perhaps what you don't know, is that this oil contains more than 60% omega 9 (oleic acid). but also omega 6 (linoleic acid), which allows you to have beautiful skin and beautiful hair. Olive oil also contains palmitic acid, which has moisturizing and fortifying properties. And, it's not over! This oil also provides many antioxidants and phytosterols, calming inflammation and promoting cell regeneration.

An essential oil for natural beauty
Nourishing, calming, emollient and antioxidant! So many advantages... And, in order to continue on this good momentum, olive oil is suitable for all skin types! From less sensitive to more sensitive. The ultimate for dry or irritated skin! But also for damaged hair or irritated scalps. Still not finished... This oil also nourishes and strengthens brittle nails. 
Choose the most explosive olive oil!
For the best results, it is of course advisable to buy a quality oil, i.e. a cold-pressed extra-virgin oil (mechanical pressing, without refining). This process helps preserve the benefits of the olive oil, changing from omega 9s to phytosterols, as mentioned earlier.

On your marks… get set… Make it!
It's time to shine with inventiveness! Olive oil is ideal for making your own cosmetics.
A small example… Compresses for your acne scars! With its nutritive action, olive oil helps eliminate impurities from the skin, while reducing imperfections. This provides essential vitamins to keep your skin fresh. Olive oil does not block your skin pores and facilitates the expulsion of toxins. What could be better for my eyes, than seeing you display a fresh, younger complexion, swept away from many toxins! Apply these oil-soaked compresses daily for great results.
Enough chatter… Let’s move on to relaxation! There is nothing better than a foot massage after a hard day. Massage your feet with olive oil for as long as you like before going to bed, for a wonderful abandonment and possibly, even better sleep.

As for your split ends? Solution… A mask for your hair! Take your bottle of olive oil and cover your entire hair with oil, with a little extra attention for your split ends. Grab a towel and wrap your hair inside. Let this oil penetrate overnight. When you wake up, a little shampoo is required... And presto, your hair is soft and repaired! 
So now  ladies, you have a natural, Mediterranean beauty tool in your hands!