Getaway to Barcelona

A fiesta of visits and adventures with a thousand colors!

Holà! Today, I am going to tell you how to have a successful stay in Barcelona, give you some ideas for adventures and tips for an impeccable getaway!

Tip 1: Pre-adventure
Destination Barcelona… And once you are there, how can you get around in this cosmopolitan capital?
In reality, this city is quite flat, allowing you to experience the city on foot. Barcelona also remains well served by bus, metro or bike.

Tip 2: Visits and discoveries ante and post meridiem
Many marvels await you in Barcelona… And with great fanfare! First of all, just to make your mouth water, visit the Boqueria market. This market will allow you to discover the gastronomic specialties of Catalonia, ranging from turrón (a kind of hard nougat) to fuet (a kind of Spanish sausage). Not to mention the tons and tons of extraordinarily special squeezed fruit juices, such as the strawberry, dragon fruit, blueberry and coconut mix!
When I arrived, I spotted a mention of a “Bikini” on a menu. So, I hastened to order this dish, while my companions were busy choosing empanadas or tortillas. My dish arrived quickly. Indeed, “Bikini” in Barcelona means a grilled cheese and ham sandwich! It was a treat to discover the local specialties!
After filling your stomach, there is nothing better than a stroll down the Ramblas. Lined with plane trees, enlivened by incredible musicians, magnified by flower stalls in a thousand colors... This is the reality of this touristy street (it's crowded, but pretty!). 
Following this long walk, you can observe certain works by Antonio Gaudi, such as Casa Milà with its unusual chimneys, Casa Batlló with its fabulous curves and colors or even go to La Sagrada Familia!  (But do think to get your tickets in advance via the internet).
If you have endurance, go for Gothic! Very close to the Ramblas is the Barri Gòtic, THE Gothic quarter of Barcelona, ​​with the Cathedral of Barcelona and Plaça Reial and Sant Jaume. The visit of this Cathedral is really worth it! And, if you are fond of heights, you can climb and admire the view of the old town from the top of this cathedral. In addition, a cloister with white geese frolicking everywhere, is inside this monument!
If you haven't yet finished strolling through these beautiful alleys, strewn with Gothic buildings with balconies full of plants and slightly damaged facades, nothing prevents you from taking a short break in one of the small restaurants and/or bars, to stock up on sangria and tapas, for example!
With all these walks and visits on foot, it's time to find a place to settle down for the evening!

Tip 3: Land or sea evening?
Let's start like a good earthling on the land side, with a park that stands out: the Parc de la Ciutadella, located not far from the El Born district. In this green enclosure, you will find the Font de Cascada, the Barcelona Zoo, the Castel Del Tres Dragons and, while strolling, a cute boulevard, which will take you straight in the direction of the Arc de Triomphe (former gate of the park entrance). Closing at 10:30 p.m., an aperitif and a good rest will be most invigorating after your day's rodeo. If you have an adventurous soul, you can sit in a boat to paddle between the canes and the ducks. Warning, jousting between the boats is prohibited!
If you feel like being a fish in water, you might as well go to Barceloneta beach! This is an artificial beach, but many adventures can still be had. The best thing is to quietly drink sangria on this beach while watching a beautiful sunset (a spectacular red moon wa visible during my visit). You will also have a view of the Glòries Tower, a funny, rounded skyscraper and on the WOOHP of the Totally spies (it is actually a hotel). 
Here are all my little tips and tricks for a successful trip to Barcelona!