Our Best Ideas For Cheap Holidays

For cheap vacations alone, as a couple, with family or friends, here are our good ideas

The next holidays are fast approaching and you have nothing planned because for you, if you want to make the most of it, a good holiday cannot just be improvised. Of course, preparing a trip abroad is not easy: travel agencies take advantage of the price of destinations, reservations take time and more ...

Don't panic, you can easily take a vacation without having to splash out excessively with your money, it's all about knowing how to go about it. Here are our best ideas for inexpensive vacations!

Subscribe to an agency website
Every year, major travel guides publish a ranking of trendy destinations for the following year. By subscribing to the newsletters of certain travel agencies, you will be informed of the best offers, which can extend to up to 70% reductions on promotions. In addition, you will be able to negotiate the prices of the best destinations and those that you are most keen on.

Book out of season or last minute
Yes, both are possible. These are just two of the easiest ways to find promotional offers. All you need to do is simply go to the different travel comparison platforms to find, for example, the most affordable hotel room for the duration of your stay. Moreover, it happens that airlines and agency sites set a number of travelers per day. If they do not reach this figure, they will inevitably go as far as lowering prices. Be flexible in your vacation dates, traveling out of season is rule number 1 for reducing vacation costs. In general, October and November are the best months to benefit from good prices.

Traveling in an ecologically responsible way
Whatever your destination or the length of your stay (a weekend for example), take care of the environment. You can choose healthy and ecological accommodation without having to pay a colossal sum.

Which accommodation to choose
Sleeping at locals’  homes for free, or almost free, is one of the first choices for traveling cheaply and meeting the locals. Several sites offer you endless solutions.

Youth hostels remain the second choice. You will find both individual and family dormitories. But vacation rentals are also one of the best ways to travel in a cheaper way. This type of accommodation offers attractive prices, especially when there are several of you.

Choose your means of transport
For flights to foreign destinations, you will find low-cost or charter flights. If you are in a city, public transport remains the cheapest form of travel, unlike taxis which waste a lot of time in traffic jams. However, if you choose to stay far from the city center, it is better to rent a vehicle there. Learn about online travel platforms.

Eating Out
Besides the view of breathtaking landscapes, you can't go on vacation without planning where to eat. In some places you will most often find fast food restaurants that offer discounts, while others have local markets in old or modern city centers, specializing in typical products of the region and there is something to suit everybody’s tastes. Of course, you have to be careful with the expenses, but a little culinary testing specific to the place you are visiting is essential, so do not hesitate to eat locally.

Free attractions and activities
Without an activity or attraction, your trip will eventually be boring, so consider visiting museums and exhibitions. Discovering the local and typical areas of the place you are visiting will take you out of your routine. Some sites connect travelers with locals for free tours.

Many travelers open blogs. They recount their adventures and discoveries and will give you different tips and tricks to travel cheaper.
The upside of this, is that all of these bloggers are one step ahead of you and your wallet.

Happy Holidays!