Costa Rica: Green Paradise!

Get into "Pura Vida" mode, in the most ecological country in the world

Do you want to travel to Costa Rica? Not really sure how to go about it? Don’t panic, we will give you some ideas of places to visit. We are sure you will like these!

Did you know:
Costa Rica is a very small country, comparable to the area of ​​​​Switzerland, a leader in ecotourism and environmental protection, it offers grandiose nature, having 5% of the planet's biodiversity.
Since the 80s, Costa Rica has been mobilizing in favor of Peace, Freedom and Nature, it is one of the most ecological destinations in the world. About 27% of the country's area is protected and national parks cover more than 13% of Costa Rican territory, or 1/3 of the territory of nature reserves. With 33 National Parks and many private parks and reserves: 12,000 species of plants, 850 species of birds including the rare quetzal, more butterflies than in all the U.S.A and Canada combined, not to mention the varieties of monkeys, turtles, crocodiles, felines, reptiles, amphibians including tiny frogs with amazing colors, more than 160 mammals and many freshwater and sea fish...

When to go to Costa Rica?
Costa Rica is a dream for many people. And for good reason! You can easily find beautiful landscapes to see. Costa Rica is also one of the safest countries in South America, so you won't have any problems there. Nevertheless, it is very important that you choose the right time to visit. Indeed, we can advise you to visit between December and April. This is simply the ideal time, when you can easily enjoy the sun, but also the atmosphere of this country, throughout your vacation. Note also that you can easily take advantage of the dry season during these months, which will be quite pleasant.

What to visit in Costa Rica?
You don't really know what you can visit in Costa Rica? Here are the must-see places that you should not miss:
San Jose: this is a place that you cannot miss, since it is quite simply the capital of Costa Rica. You can really find many museums, if you like this type of visit. Note also that the architecture of the city is raeally pretty. You can easily spend a day there: we are sure that this city will please you.
Manuel Antonio National Park: This is certainly one of the most popular places in the country. Manuel Antonio National Park is located on the Pacific coast. You can therefore observe wildlife, walk on the beach or go kayaking if you feel like it.
Tortuguero National Park: You will certainly understand it from the name alone, but it is a magnificent place where you can see turtles laying eggs. Note also that you will have to take the plane or the bus, as well as the boat from Limon to get there. In fact, there are no roads.
La Fortuna is a city well worth staying for 2-3 days. And for good reason, many visits can be made such as the Arenal volcano, the ascent of Mount Cerro Chatto or to bathe in the hot springs.
The last tourist destination you can visit  is simply the Irazú volcano. Throughout the ascent of the latter, you can really enjoy the lunar landscapes, which allow you to take in amazing views!

As you can see, Costa Rica is truly a country full of beautiful things. All you have to do is plan your trip and identify the different places that will amaze you, to make a trip that suits you.