Zen Holiday Destinations

Want to get away from it all and have a truly peaceful time? Here are some choice options for you!

Just like so many other people, you want to escape the stress of everyday life and you are looking for a destination that is conducive to well-being and relaxation. In short, a Zen holiday destination. Here is a non-exhaustive list of unusual and typical destinations for a stay to recharge your batteries and to breathe serenity.

Ubud The rice fields of Bali (Indonesia)
If you want to learn both yoga and surfing, Bali is the perfect destination! It is also the most coveted of all. Its unusual landscapes and its spiritual villages, in particular the village of Ubud, are renowned the world over. The island hosts the BaliSpirit every year between March and April, a region-specific festival that brings together yoga, music and dance. Traveling is a triple pleasure: it gives a great combination of expectation, amazement and memories.
And let's not forget the SPAs, for a vacation dedicated to care and relaxation, you can choose a trip to Bali without any hesitation. Discover more about Bali in our article here.

Provence (France)
Ah, Provence! With its scented lavender fields, its beautiful coast and its amazing vineyards, it hides mysteries behind its exterier. It is the fifth most popular destination in Europe. Scented lavender fields, vineyards, the beautiful Mediterranean coast… Is there any one landscape that inspires so much inner peace? We understand why many artists like Van Gogh and Matisse were mad about Provence, and why stars like David and Victoria Beckham, Johhny Depp and John Malkovich have all wanted to reside there.

Tulum (Mexico)
It is located near Playa del Carmen, on the edge of the Caribbean. Tulum once housed thatched huts. Today all that remains are turquoise beaches, dense forests and stunning Mayan ruins. It is a popular destination for vacationers who are looking for idyllic landscapes for their well-being, with yoga accompanied by the sound of the waves, as the famous yoga teacher Rodney Yee advises.

Koh Samui (Thailand)
Given its beautiful landscapes and Buddhist traditions, Thailand is also one of the best countries for a Zen destination. Especially on the island of Koh Samui where you will find two of the most famous yoga retreats in the world, whose programs combine yoga, philosophy, breathing, anatomy and singing.

Rishikesh (India)
In the north of India is the region of Rishikesh, here you can also enjoy Ayurvedic treatments and meditation courses. Between personal development and the discovery of holy places on the borders of Himalayan India, a real spiritual quest awaits you. A unique and original itinerary that can only do you good!

Lefkada (Greece)
Lefkada is a Greek island where people live in communion with nature, contemplating the beach horizons, the magnificent starry sky and the color of the sea in its infinite shades of blue. This idyllic setting is ideal for practicing yoga and indulging in a well-being break.

Ibiza (Spain)
With its Indian summer climate, Ibiza is not only a place for party animals but also quite the opposite. In Ibiza you can soak up the sun while tasting Mediterranean and vegetarian cuisine. Or to recharge your batteries in the countryside among olive trees far from the noise, and why not try a yoga retreat?