Vintage: Kimmidolls


Kimmidolls, kokeshi dolls
Since the end of the EDO era in the 19th century, Kokeshi dolls have perpetuated the Japanese tradition. At that time, they were sold as souvenirs to visitors to the hot springs (onsen) of the Tohoku region, in northeastern Japan.

The Japanese thought them to have beneficial properties, protecting the house from fires and warding off evil spirits.
Thus, they accompany the daily life of their owners and watch over them and their houses, according to Japanese beliefs. More than just a decorative item, Kimmidolls are meant to embody the spirits of our ancestors.
They are most often given as a sign of friendship. But you can also decorate your interior with these figurines. Today, their design is a successful blend of design and traditional. They make a lovely decoration for all types of interiors and imbue every interior with their incarnation. They present a style that is modern, well designed and traditional.

These dolls represent young girls with childish faces. They are dressed in colorful and original Japanese kimonos. They are both decorative and high in symbolism.
They are originally made of wood (cherry, pear, cornus or maple). Each doll embodies a great principle of life and symbolizes the values ​​associated with it.

The Dolls and their Incarnations
Doll: Incarnation

Iki: Elegance
Hana: Abundance
Kaona: Friendship
Kayo: Beauty, fascination and exaltation
Kich: Luck
Momoka: Peace
Shika: Sweetnes, kindness and caring
They also invite you to travel and to meditate. Can you find the Kimmidoll that reflects your soul or that of your friends?