How Can You Create a Vintage Decor?

Do you want to opt for a vintage style?

Do you want to change your decorating style? Not sure how to go about it? Don’t panic, we will give you some advice in this article. Ready to learn more? This is where it's happening!

Have a perfect color balance
The first advice we can give you for having a vintage decoration is simply to have a perfect balance in terms of your colors. In the 1950s, people really appreciated warm colors. It is therefore imperative to choose colors of this same style and to harmonize them. Here are the key colors that could be found at the time: bottle glass, duck-egg blue, mustard yellow or “earth” tones such as brown. All you have to do is find out which colors you prefer to put them in your different rooms.

Lights are in the spotlight!
In any decoration, light remains a very important element. And for good reason, a vintage decoration is no exception to this rule. So, you have to consider using different lights. You can perfectly find some that really look vintage and really cool. To give you a hint, it is best to opt for pendant lights or small lamps.  Industrial style and raw materials are also good bets.

Play with different materials
What particularly characterizes the vintage style is the materials. Indeed, you can perfectly opt for a long-haired carpet, velvet curtains or even a leather armchair. Vintage style gives you no limits.
For patterns, opt for flowers, a key element that can be found in many vintage decorations. However, it should not be abused either: you can just use small touches, especially on your cushions, for example.

Have only one emblematic object per room rather than several
The last advice we can give you to make your vintage decoration a success is simply to use iconic accessories. But this should not be abused, since a single object per room can be more than enough. Nevertheless, you can really go all out with small decorations if you wish. In addition, you can perfectly go to some decoration stores to find the elements you are missing. Many stores offer this type of product to dress up your interior.

As you can see, it is imperative to have the right decorative objects, the right colors, but also the right materials to create a vintage decoration. It is a style of decoration that is rather simple to do, in general!