The Impact of Colors on Our Lives

Could color have a direct impact on our way of thinking and of life?

Common expressions are no coincidence:
Feeling in the pink or feeling blue, being green with rage or having green fingers, everything seems to have been written in black and white, for centuries! Yes, these are all idiomatic expressions, but they are also symbolic.
There are general and quite universal representations of the different colors which are applied when our environment is colorful, happy, or sad. As our mood changes, each color has its field of action, inside our emotional palette.
Did you know that color has a direct impact on the way we think, live and dress? Undeniably, there are universal color associations. These have different meanings, depending on which region of the globe you are.
The approach to the spiritual realization of men, such as alchemy and clairvoyance, uses colors whose symbolism is deeply significant, because they are linked to the universal laws of visible and invisible nature. They represent ascending forces, political or religious emblems throughout the world.

Here are some examples :
The Catholic Church: the Pope is dressed in white, the Cardinals in red, the Bishops in purple and the priests in black.
Freemasonry: the three symbolic colors (white, black, red) are all three important and concomitant in Masonic rituals.
The Hindu religion: for Hindus, we have an "astral body, a physical body as well as a spiritual body," which only seers are able to perceive. An unmissable party, where anything goes, dedicated to Krishna!

A wonderful show that allows everyone to mingle with each other, so the symbolism of colors takes on its full meaning.
Every year, Holi, sometimes called the festival of colors, is a Hindu festival practiced in India, Nepal and in Hindu communities around the world. It celebrates the victory of good over evil, the spring equinox and the story of the divine couple Radha and Krishna.
It is a festival where all religious, linguistic, and cultural barriers are broken down. For two days, and India explodes with color.

Colors are present around us, but also within us.
Color rhymes with mood, each color is associated with a type of emotion
"Got the blues,” “feeling blue,” “Blue Monday".
"Feeling in the pink,” “seeing life through rose tinted glasses," "be tickled pink".
"Seeing red," "red with anger," "be in the red,” “red with shame".
You will find the keywords of the energies that each color conveys below

Color symbolism:
BLUE: psychic balance, announces a spiritual life, thoughtful and serene behavior. Provides calm and promotes caution. Indicates a sentimental inclination based on pure and tender feelings, sensitivity.
This color is sometimes used with its contrast: orange.
LIGHT BLUE: always favorable = source of success, fortune, honor, and joie de vivre.
DARK BLUE: precautions to take concerning a hidden fact, blue softens certain maneuvers of which you could be the victim. Color from the depths of the subconscious.
RED: passion, ardor, will, loyalty, happy events in general. It is necessary to fear anger, an excess of which can lead to problems with blood circulation and fever.
BLACK: sign of wisdom, but also of darkness. Projects must be revised, otherwise there will be a risk of failure. Black is probably the most complex color in the entire spectrum.
YELLOW: is the color of the mind, analysis, promotes intuition, warmth, intellect and promotes study. The color yellow brings understanding of emotional mechanisms.
GREEN: color of hope, tends to ensure the fulfillment of desires. Brings calm, tranquility, and creation in artistic fields. Symbolizes the awakening of life, the beginning of a realization. It is also the color of instability and madness.
PINK: represents indulgence, delicacy, gentle gaiety. It thus makes happy encounters happen. Color of youthful joy, fresh and frank. Announces the beginnings of love.
GRAY: contemplation, passivity, and imagination. It is desirable to seek the cause of a hidden fact. Represents integrity, a methodical mind. Fidelity and discretion are also linked to the various shades of gray.
ORANGE (OCRE): fidelity and happy marriage. Good friendly agreement or a conclusion of a business. Ochre encourages moderation and advises a certain caution. It is a point of balance where one must reflect to “take stock”. Orange is the color of epicureans.
WHITE: pure luck, good intentions, sweet words, and wisdom. Invites the realization of hopes. Announces a renewal, an invitation to a new life, it is generally a fundamental change, with a contribution of new knowledge. White remains the color of purity and loyalty.
GOLD: light and strength in the idea which springs up and which allows the realization. It is the color that can achieve everything by seeking perfection. Gold diffuses and exalts the spirit and thought.

Soothing or exciting, motivating and stimulating: colors have an impact on body and soul. They create emotions and atmospheres…