Mixing Up Styles Thanks to Feng-Shui

Mix of genres, mix of styles!

The current trend is to mix genres and styles, so here are four tips to master the art of mixing different universes without making mistakes, thanks to Feng Shui.

Seek consistency
Even if you combine various elements, it is important to keep the main theme of your decor in mind. You inherited this furniture that was thought to be obsolete, but which is making a comeback today. Fear not, baroque and rustic styles blend very well with contemporary design. If you are looking at color, know that it is possible to standardize various styles. Colors like blue, or more neutral like grays or browns, will do very well for a balanced décor, even if the styles are different. Also playing on different colour tones gives structure to your decor.

Create harmony
Colors, lines or materials must be similar, or at least complementary. You can mix and match sharp lines and geometric shapes with old furniture. Do not forget to also pay attention to the lines of your room, which must be in harmony with the lines of your furniture. A long sofa with curved lines with a window to the side, will go very well with an oval coffee table. Having the same horizontal or vertical lines creates unity in your interior.

Create a warm space
Associating the fabrics of your curtains and of your carpets with the textures of materials such as wood, glass or stone, gives energy and dynamism to your space.
Be Subtle
Stay away from excess, do not overload the room with objects, don’t get sucked into the junk-shop effect!  Don’t choose three different designs of large flowers in various colors for example. If some decorators do this successfully, you risk it not working out. You can use a length of wallpaper that simply contains images of large green leaves, they will match very well with the small flowers on the sofa.
It is not always easy to embark on decoration. However, it's up to you to let your space tell your story. There are many ways to bring cohesion and affection to your interior. Just look carefully for the similarities in your room.

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