Driftwood Decorations: Our Ideas to Do It Yourself

Driftwood, a favorite of decorators

Do you want to decorate a living room with natural objects? Then check out driftwood. It is the trendy material of the moment, but also the king of recycling. In addition to being natural, it can easily be associated with all the styles and colors of your house or apartment.

Driftwood is an element that all vacationers who go to the beach know. It is one or more pieces of wood which have been carried by the sea and the waves, and which ended up stranded on the beach. With the salt and the sun, but also the wind, the wood is shaped, rounded, and rather light in color. You can find gray driftwood, but also beige, depending on the original nature of the wood.
It is possible to make simple or sophisticated decorative objects with it. A gold mine for recycling fans! Using driftwood is a great way to be ecological and who knows, if you get into it, you could even go as far as upcycling!

A treasure for decorators
Whether for professionals in the field, or for amateurs and budding creators, driftwood is a real treasure. In addition to being natural, and especially being picked up on the beaches, it is possible to transform it into many objects.
Thanks to platforms like Pinterest or Instagram, it is possible to find many ideas:

  • candle holders
  • mirrors
  • frames
  • lamps
  • mobiles
  • tables or stools
  • garlands

A trendy material
In addition to being natural, driftwood has the advantage of being light. It is therefore easy to combine it with warmer or more lively colors. It is consequently possible to install it in a very modern room, with pieces painted in the same tones as the room. Or, even leave them as they are, raw, in bright rooms or with oceanic influences.
Professional decorators are particularly fond of this type of wood in their attic decorations, with beams and white walls, or even in bathrooms, around mirrors. Driftwood is therefore a resistant, elegant material that can be easily integrated into different styles of rooms.
Lovers of natural decorative objects and recycling will be delighted with this find and all the creative possibilities it offers.