Womensdestiny And Our Ecological Commitment

Womensdestiny is making its debut towards ecological commitment!

Ebooks to offset paper consumption?
Womensdestiny  will soon launch its first downloadable ebook! But that's not all...
Consumption of paper is still a major factor in our western society, with the consumption of a Douglas fir tree that is 90 meters tall per French person a year, just as an example. This is why recycling paper reduces the removal of trees for papermaking.
In fact, it is possible to save about 2.5 tonnes of wood, if we recycle 1 tonne of paper.
However, IT does not help reduce paper consumption. Paper remains an essential and complementary tool for IT, communication...

Let's cut down on disinformation!
A first step to going green?
YES! With its new articles dealing with ecology, Womensdestiny wishes to introduce you little earthlings to the protection of our dear planet! After all, some big name stars are getting involved, so, why not you too?
Articles bringing you useful information to progress in a healthier lifestyle, with more respect for the environment, while being easy to access.
Honey, ecology? ... this is for morons, right?
Unfortunately, resistence is still present among us!

Womensdestiny wishes to convert you to this noble cause, which it has recently got its teeth into.

“The Earth is what we all have in common.”
—Wendell Berry 

Join in with our ecological hymn!
Shout it out loud and proud !

Become aware and ACT!
Reducing our ecological footprints? … Damn, what is this stuff?
Calculating your own ecological footprint is a great start!
This allows you to calculate your own impact on the planet, taking into account your consumption, the waste you produce and your activities
It is in fact Calcutil that allows us to do this assessment, in order to realize the enormous footprint that each of us leaves on our Earth!
And yes, Womensdestiny played the game ... Our columnists were blown away by their tremendous impact on the planet!
Calcutil a useful calculation! https://www.calcutil.com/ecology/calculate-ecological-footprint.html

You’re buying it… you are already committed!

When you purchase that new designer-looking small toaster, there is payment included in the price.
These are the costs of collecting, recycling and cleaning up another used device.
This eco-participation is indicated on the labels, separated from the product price.
Fully donated to an eco-organization to finance recycling. Look for that eco toaster with that label on it!

AGAINST waste and FOR recycling!

Our watchwords! Womensdestiny is committed today, and not tomorrow!