Add Some Fantasy to Your Walls!

8 ways to decorate and add some fantasy to your walls

Don’t be satisfied with a few simple strokes of paint to bring some fantasy to your walls. Above all, focus on originality! From wallpaper to framed items, there will always be an infinity of possibilities. Here are some ideas of wall decorations to personalize your interior and warm up the ambiance of your home.

Wallpaper deco; a smart idea
Using wallpaper, you can play on panoramic aspects. Choose a whimsical paper with a material effect (wood, brick, fabric, stone) that deceives the eye. If you don’t want to damage your entire wall, use wallpaper to decorate a small area or make a headboard. No need for glue, you can attach it with nails or drawing pins.

Macramé for a bohemian effect 
Another original idea if you want to dress up your wall without too much damage, is to simply hang up wall hangings or weavings, which come in all sizes and colors.

A timeless fashion; the frame wall
Whether in the living room, the bedroom or even in your stairwell, the wall of frames adds dynamism to your walls. Make frame compositions by varying the colors, sizes, materials and thickness of the frames. You can also add mirrors that give the impression that the room is bigger.

Practical decoration; perforated panels
Perforated panels are used to store tools in the garage, but for some time now they have also been used in people’s living spaces. Using these, there is no need to drill major holes in your walls! These small storage shelves are very aesthetic. You can customize them by hanging small handles, boards, hooks and even thread on them.

Painting for an ultra-colorful decor
There is a great variety of paint, for example slate paint for the kitchen and the kids’ room. or fluorescent paint for a bright effect on your wall. With paint you can create an effect of angles by painting geometric shapes. Another tip is to paint in a kind of gradient that starts in a very dark color at the bottom and that lightens up the higher up the wall it goes. This usually finishes in white. You can also have fun with your brushes to create texture.

Masking-tape for a transitory decor
These small rolls of tape are very convenient for creating fast deco and have the advantage of you being able to position and reposition them. You can create colorful patterns and shapes like origami.

Photos for nostalgic decor
With polaroids or simple rectangular photos, create heart-shaped photo compositions or hang them on a thread with small clothes pegs to make garlands. You can also paste them in columns with Blu Tack for a structured effect.

Scrabble decor
Helps to create a jumbled effect. You just have to stick the letters onto a background. You can make them yourself, by cutting wooden boards into squares. Then paint on a letter using black acrylic paint.

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