The Spiritual Universe of Interior Candles

A natural spirit, the importance of indoor candles

Candles bring a cozy and gentle feeling to your home. You can bathe in a pleasant atmosphere.
The candle was invented in the middle of the 19th century, unlike its ancestor, which dates back at least to 3000 BC. The word candle comes from the old Middle English word candel, and from  the Latin word candēla, from candēre,  which means to glisten or to shine.
The candle is a symbol of vitality. It is defined by many civilizations that use it as a method of spiritual connection and upliftment. Its main element, fire, is also a symbol for change, sacrifice and purification.

Each color symbolizes a different force, a context.
Colored candles are used for their symbolic correspondence. They connect us with a symbolic link at a mental level. They serve to represent to us what we aspire to.
Each civilization has forged a symbolism from its own culture. The symbolic correspondences of the colors of the candles cannot be considered as an immutable and objective truth, but as a means of entering into a relationship with this symbolic world.
Colors have a language, they are intimately linked to the various representations in each religion, and to the sacred texts of great traditions. In some, they go so far as to play a cosmic function and represent divinities in various cosmogonies.

Lighting up life
The flame of a burning candle expresses the idea of ​​sacrifice. The material of the candle is sacrificed by the fire of the flame, to produce and maintain the light. This is why candles are often used as a symbol of offering to accompany requests made during prayers and rituals.
The use of candles at parties (New Year, wedding, birthday, etc.) preserves a symbol of intimacy, communion, celebration and luminosity.
When we burn a candle, we are carrying out an act that connects us with a certain symbolism. We relate each color to a particular intention, aspiration, wish or desire.
To fully understand rituals with candles, we must also keep in mind that when we light a candle with a specific intention, we fix that intention in our minds and during the time that the candle burns, a part of us, even unconsciously, remains fixed on this intention and it is in this phase which often goes unnoticed, that all the power of our mind is activated, that the magic takes place and that our requests are realized.

Candles come in different sizes and colors, as well as shapes and materials. When you dedicate a candle, you must imbue it with a specific intention, that is, to direct and fix your psychic energy on a wish, a perfectly defined goal, until you feel this throughout your being, in order to make it happen in your inner reality.